Microcasts have a huge potential! What I’m really interested in is all the non-tech stuff. Stories out of peoples lives, their view on things. Imagine how we would see our history if everyone were able to record and share their stories with the whole world 50 or 100 years ago…

It‘s amazing how different the feeling and the lyrics of music can be. It’s probably a great recipe to have them diverge if it works. I guess lots of great songs were written like that.

I mostly listen to songs without thinking too much about the lyrics in the beginning. (I’m not a native speaker so that’s pretty easy for me 😉) What I thought to be a happy song for me turned out to be kind of a sad story somehow and now I want to cry 😢

Oh! The Gaslight Anthem didn’t really split up… it’s just “on hiatus“. They will even do a 10 year anniversary tour for The ’59 Sound this summer ☺️

I just learned that The Gaslight Anthem have basically split up a couple of years ago. Too bad… I always liked them. But then I saw that their lead singer Brian Fallon just released his second solo album and it’s my new favorite right now! 🎶

I’m on some kind of blogging hiatus. I’m mentally very exhausted at the end of the day and just can’t get in the mood to do anything productive. Feels like a huge roadblock in my head but I hope it will be removed at some point.

Autumn is gone, summer is back! We’re having 2-season years now as well. No need to move to California anymore…

When you found the perfect name for your new app and then realize you can’t use it because it’s already taken.

Filed my first Radar after 2 years. It feels satisfying somehow… although I know it will be open for eternity after being marked as duplicate or being ignored forever.

The hardest thing when making an old & well established app better is to communicate the tough calls on certain UI changes. The objective UX might be better, but people know something else and think it’s broken. Maybe better to find a middle ground & change slowly over time

So many document based iOS apps only support Dropbox. I’m not using Dropbox. It should be mandatory to support document providers.

Hans Söllner & Bayaman’Sissdem live in Heidelberg. A little bit of home in this still somewhat foreign area.

„Stephen Hawking, the English cosmologist and black hole maven, liked to say he was born 300 years to the day after Galileo died, and he died on Wednesday, 139 years after Albert Einstein was born, on Pi Day, a holy holiday for the mathematically inclined.“ The New York Times

Signed up for WWDC lottery and AltConf including the ATP and Relay Events. Let’s see if I can go there 🤞🏻

„Hej Siri, set a timer for 75 minutes.“ - „Ok! 15 minutes and counting.“ … 😐 … kind of describes my day.

The legendary Phil Campbell and the Bastard Sons. Solid music! The band of course lives by the name of Phil Campbell… but a fun concert and they have some great songs. Looking forward to following their development.

This is a 🥃 Whiskey 🥃 kind of day… Firefighting user issues all day long is extremely exhausting and time consuming and somehow makes me feel like there is no progress at all on all fronts.