Posts and replies start to show up again on the timeline! Maybe the long international nightmare is over 😉 It felt a little like in the old days on Facebook (remember what that was?) when we couldn’t complain on Facebook that Facebook was down 🙃

My favorite Podcast is Roderick on the Line, yet I fell behind for a long long time. I listened to Episode 342 from June 2019 today and found out that the lost album of the Western State Hurricanes I heard about so often on this show, finally found its way into the public early last year. The lengths and struggles John Roderick went through to get this out after so many years is really interesting. So happy to see this! It’s available on Bandcamp and the usual streaming services.

I didn’t realize I had not bought a MailMate license yet 😳 I used it for so long now… I think it has a 30 day trial but those 30 days are counted when the app is active!? Long overdue to throw some money at it. Such a great tool!

Reading about so many people getting vaccinated elsewhere, living a normal life again like in Israel, Taiwan or New Zealand. It’s pathetic how Europe handles this. Catatonia. The US gets 4 million people vaccinated per day. Germany gets 10 million in more than three months. It’s really just sad how politics can even crush the tiny positive thoughts that were still out there.

I‘m not angry. I’m just deeply disappointed.

The stuff everyone talks about being from „Pfizer“ was developed by a German company, paid with German taxpayers investment. People in the US probably never heard of BioNTech. At least not the ones I talked to, nor do American news mention it anywhere. Why would they? The rest of the world is to the US what Germany is to Bavaria: an unknown blurb of something, not worth considering.

But look how BioNTech helped us… where we and the rest of the world are. There are countries that are even more unfortunate then Europe of course. They have no money to spend on vaccines. Are they worth less than the rich people in „the west“?

There’s so much going on, I can’t fathom to even try to understand everything. All I know is that I don’t want to wait until sometime next year to get that frickin‘ vaccination and live a normal life again. I don’t want to hate everything anymore.

Unpopular opinion: I like the old style of MacOS way better that Big Sur. Not as „fresh“ but so likable.

While setting up my old iMac I realized that I had HDD Fan Control (by the makers of Bartender) running for years without noticing it. Old iMacs with self-installed SSDs run the fan at maximum speed all the time. Such a great tool! Ran for so many years that I totally forgot about it. Worth every penny!

Apple Arcade brought some old time classic games into the service. I couldn’t have imagined myself so happy to be playing Fruit Ninja again after all those years 🙃 It was my first addiction before Threes and Alto‘s Adventure. So good 😊

I wanted to „quickly“ wipe my old iMac to give it away. Now I’m installing Snow Leopard from the original install DVD because the recovery installation has issues with APFS among other things. Now I remember… nothing is „quickly“ done in computing 🙃

One week to go until a little „vacation“ (what even does that mean these days) and a lot of pressure to get some stuff finished. Not looking forward to this week. Trying to kick things off on the right foot though. Early sleep, rise and shine! Trying to power through.

I might be able to assign the Apple One storage to the other account in my family and then try to downgrade 🤷‍♂️

But really Apple should finally find a solution to let people combine their accounts. I can’t even remember how this happened but I have it like that since forever, it causes only problems now and Apple just doesn’t care, as so often.

So… I’m one of those old old-time Apple users with separate accounts for media purchases and iCloud. And I’m once again punished by Apple and after all those years they still do not offer a way to join the accounts.

With Apple One I could, in theory, assign the included storage to my iCloud account. Currently, I have to use the 2TB plan but with the 200GB I get with Apple One, I could downgrade to the 200GB storage plan and be just fine. The extra storage space can be assigned to the iCloud account, if the storage plan is not bigger than the one coming with Apple One. So? There is no 2TB Apple One Plan for me (because I don’t speak English, apparently) and I can’t downgrade. This means: I have to pay for the 2TB plan even though I don’t need it anymore.

Thanks Apple. No Apple One for me.

I’m planning to move to Apple One, but I’m really afraid of an iCloud Storage Fallout. I know something will go wrong when I „kind of” downgrade from 2TB in order to upgrade to combined 400GB storage plans. This is not Apple’s strong suit. The process alone is a sign, that this is not something they intend anyone to do. I’ll probably just wait until the Premier tier will be available in Germany, which might well be never. Wouldn’t it be great for Apple if the whole world just lived in Cupertino?

If someone here on is interested in buying a reMarkable, I have a 40$ off referral link available 😉

Querdenker, Rubikon und Konsorten inkl. der dazugehörigen Youtube Videos sind im Familienkreis angekommen und werden nun auch weiter geteilt. ist für mich eine der schlimmsten und gefährlichsten Seiten überhaupt im deutschsprachigen Raum. Schwierig damit umzugehen… Da muss man einschreiten und Kontra geben, aber ob das überhaupt noch hilft? Diese “Quellen” bauen darauf auf, dass sie ohnehin immer von “den Medien” diskreditiert und belogen werden. Rationale Argumente werden da nicht viel helfen. Das ist demokratie- und staatsgefährdend.

Ah how I love those services that just grab their yearly subscription fee out of my pockets without a single line of information beforehand. I might have signed up for another year anyways, but this is just shady behaviour. This time, looking at you Disney+

I’m on a Productivity Hunt again, I must be procrastinating on more important fronts. I’ll try this approach to bring Obsidian and DEVONthink together. I’m still not sure I’m the kind of person who needs any of these tools, but I love them anyways.

I‘m a man of many interests. Sometimes I think about going back to university (at least) part time to learn something that really interests me. Basically all I ever did just fell into place, but did I really decide what I actually wanted to do or who I wanted to be? I didn’t. I sometimes think back to the day I felt truly free. I can pinpoint the exact moment and relive it. It was really ecstatic! It was the day I finished my job education and had a couple of months of nothing ahead of me. Sometimes I wish that kind of freedom back. Then I realize that everything that happened in my life brought me to where I am, what I am, who I am and with whom I am. And that’s great! All of this doesn’t (or at least shouldn’t) hold be back from becoming someone or something else; someone better. But it does. It’s hard. It’s never too late. But it’s also never the right time. And then again… what is different or better? Is different better? Does it matter? All I know is that things need to change in order to keep sanity.

I might have to switch back to Safari just because of the much superior way the DEVONthink extension works compared to Firefox, especially with paywalled content. On the other hand, this whole setup would be the nail in the coffin of my Linux / independence plans.

It brings me back to the same problem each and every time: The quality of software on Linux is just not where it needs to be.

I still think it’s strange that note taking apps in iOS can easily search handwritten text, yet PDF power tools on the Mac can’t. 🤷‍♂️

Now that I have to make use of Combine in an actual project, I’m really getting the hang of it. I find it incredibly hard to wrap your head around, but once it clicks it makes everything so much simpler… I love it!

We‘re now in spheres where the price to rent an apartment or house in areas I’d be willing to live in is so astronomically high… I have no idea who’s able or willing to pay that much anymore. I certainly can’t. I don’t even think about buying… that train left years ago already.

The titles in Rene Ritchie‘s videos lately show everything that’s wrong with YouTube.

There were elections in the state I live in today… I voted, but more with the whole country in mind. Locally, I don’t really care at all. I’m here since 10 years now and I still don’t have a big connection to the state itself or even the town I live in. I guess it will never change. Annoying neighbors certainly don’t help.

So… I started to watch this totally new show: For All Mankind. Don’t know if you got the memo, but it’s pretty good! 😉

I really love it that I can’t listen to music while Xcode is open. It’s not like music helps me working or anything… 🙄