I learned about Screen Curtain to turn of the iPhone’s screen today. This is extremely helpful when testing accessibility for apps… No way to cheat!

I love my Synology! I don’t know what I would do without one anymore. So powerful, so easy, so reliable. 👍🏻

Apparently Ding Ding is now the official word for phone in our household after my daughter introduced it. I have to admit, it makes sense somehow 😉

The recent verdict against Monsanto is just one piece of several thousand lawsuits against a horrible company. I don’t understand how Bayer could possibly buy them last year. They have enough legal issues to deal with on their own. All well deserved. What these chemical giants do all over the world is sometimes cruel and unethical at the very least. Executives and Supervisors need to be personally liable for the terrible actions such companies are responsible for. Worldwide.

I got the first email ever with a Mail Drop attachment. I didn’t know this was still a thing.

Is there a psychological phenomenon explaining why I drag easy tasks along for months and months, even if it only takes a couple of minutes to finish them? 😩

My Micro Monday recommendation goes out to @oroboros because he shares incredible photos and time lapses of the (night-)sky.