I finally decided to send bug reports for the state of the Mail app in the iOS betas. This has been terrible since the beginning and with only a couple of weeks until the final release I fear to have to buy another eMail client. I always loved the Mail app for its simplicity 😐

Found the right help page, so I figure I’ll probably create a new account for another blog.

Does someone have more than one micro blog? Do you have them in the same account or did you create multiple accounts to manage them? I’m not sure what’s the best way…

The problem with moving away from Amazon is the perceived malfunctioning of every other shop. Tracking info isn’t correctly handed over to the delivery service and it just takes at least a couple days more to arrive. No big problem at all, but we’re used to just get it way faster.

My iPad won’t update to Beta 5. Seeing how terrible it is on the iPhone, it doesn’t really matter. This is the worst beta cycle since several years. At this state, I doubt it will be ready for the next iPhone. Mail doesn‘t even get the unread count right… come on!

Turns out… there’s only so much Netflix and stuff you can watch until it’s not fun anymore.

Patience – I need to stay home and wait for my body hopefully fixing itself. Nice surprise when my daughter somehow called me on FaceTime all by herself today (probably by accident 🤣). Need some patience watching Netflix waiting to see her again later this week. // @macgenie

Having to lie around all day, I finally get to watch Mr. Robot. I love it! A little over the top sometimes though… and it really makes me re-evaluate my computer usage 😉

Surgery averted. Now stuff is dripping out of me. Not sure this whole thing was such a good idea.

“You know the three lies of a surgeon?”
“What would they be?”
“I do it myself, it won’t hurt and it will only take 5 minutes”

– My Surgeon 👨‍⚕️

Things you do when sick at home: learn about Carolingian Miniscule, the thing that revolutionized written language in the 8th century.