The Catalina Beta 4 Release Notes sound like “Please don’t install Catalina Beta 4”.

The beta process this year is really rough on all platforms. I still had no chance to test/build all my apps for iOS 13.

An important thing to do before meetings in big companies is studying the org chart 😐

Rammstein live in Frankfurt today. Not the best seats, but I was happy to get any at all! Great show! So glad I finally got to see them play some of my favorite songs 😊

Tried to recreate a simple SwiftUI sample and all I get is a compiler error that doesn’t make sense. So… there’s that ¯_(ツ)_/¯

Sometimes I don’t know on which planet I live and why certain music does not reach me. I listened to Dialog with Frank Turner today. I never heard of him (what’s wrong with me?! 😉), but this is exactly my kind of music. Kind of sad I just got to know it now, but glad I stumbled upon his music 🎶 (Great Podcast by the way!)

Some days at work can only be summarized by a collection of sad gifs…

The whole Zoom thing is an easy target for internet outrage.

I love that Apple‘s original Texas Hold‘em game from the iPod is back in the App Store 😊 This will cost some fun time 🙃

Writing some stuff with a little help of my pal here.