I just had to use Chrome to log into my Apple ID because Safari wouldn’t let me ¯_(ツ)_/¯

Facebook stored unencrypted passwords… There are no words for this company anymore.

Seems like I lost the lottery this year… 😐

I don’t understand (better: I don’t want to understand) why it is ok for a company to violate laws and regulations for more than ten years and only get fined a tiny amount which they gain tenfold in less than a day. This is not ok. Why do companies do that? Why can’t governments actually fine them? Why doesn’t Google have to pay a 50 billion Euro penalty? If a company – any! company – has more money than probably the majority of countries in the world, they have a responsibility. And that‘s not a responsibility for their „shareholders“. I also don’t understand why their customers and users don’t give a crap about it. Why do they support these companies and their horrible public behavior? Sometimes I question how I can continue to work in this industry. I continue to value more and more to work for a company that’s actually trying to act well and do good things. There’s probably not everything coated in gold as well. But at the very least it’s not evil like Google, Facebook et.al.

I really have no idea which one is which…

All in all, Google had to pay >8 billion Euros to the European Union for penalties now. Don‘t be evil looks different.

So… which Podcast will feature the product manager for AirPods this week? 😉

It‘s funny to see all the Windows people at this business event walking around with their huge laptops carrying those awful power adapters with them, while I sit here at our mobile helpdesk working on my iPad all day long 🙃

Made the most of a little sunshine and did a walking tour over our campus with some stops for an active workshop today.

Apple responds to Spotify’s claims. Also a lot of truth in there… They need to find a common ground to work on. I understand some of Spotify’s claims and the general issue with Apple’s way of charging developers. But I also see where Apples point of view in this case comes from.