September 24, 2017

Election Day

It’s Sunday, election day… and I’m scared. I’m afraid this might be a turning point for our lives here in Germany. It’s the election where an extreme right party might become the third strongest party in our parliament. The people in this party are among the worst our country brings forth. The AfD (Alternative für Deutschland – Alternative for Germany) and the whole movement behind it is horrifying. Lots of people will vote for them because they are not satisfied with the current government and politics in general. I’m afraid they have no idea what this party stands for or who the people are that run for it. The fascists, the nationalists the Neonazis… it’s horrifying. These people in our parliament is the worst that happened to our country since World War 2.

Those who vote for them will have to explain to our children what they did and why they looked away. „We didn’t know anything“ is no excuse this time. It’s just not. We know! And we have to do everything we can to prevent the world they want us to live in!

I hope the election will not turn out as everybody expects. I hope their influence will be low. I hope our future won’t be their future. I hope I won’t have to explain to my daughter some day why we went backwards in 2017 and why nobody did anything against it.