WWDC 2019 – Keynote Impressions

Alright… WWDC Keynote’s over and as usual I‘m a little overwhelmed by all the new stuff. It always needs a couple of days to figure out what‘s really important and what will stick.

On a first impression, as a developer I‘m really excited about the new SwiftUI of course, although this means lots and lots and lots of new learning and a different way of thinking as I was used to for two decades now. But I guess that‘s a good thing 😉

I also think the Sign In with Apple feature with its randomly generated eMail addresses etc. is a huge deal. Maybe not in the public, but considering the importance of privacy and someone to stand up agains all the ad-driven services undermining people‘s privacy, this feature can‘t be overrated.

The changes to the new iPadOS are also something that will be incredible useful. I‘m curious to see how these features turn out to work in real life and what‘s still missing to them.

And the Mac Pro… well, I guess it‘s great that it exists again and is more powerful than ever before. Of course it‘s kind of a niche product. But they showed some dedication to their different user groups. But how can you sell a display without a stand? I don‘t know… my focus during the last couple of months was on iPad and I feel like this is only to get more intense with time now.

Now I‘m looking forward to the State of the Union and get some insight into what‘s under the hood. This year much more exciting than last year already now.

Manuel Riess @hutaffe