The more I think about it, the more I realize that developers need to think about the CO2 impact their solutions have. You can (roughly) calculate the footprint of a MB of data that’s transferred. Constantly polling an API with lots of data? Nobody cares about the size of an app package anymore? Think about how much CO2 is emitted when only a couple thousand people download an app that includes huge amounts of unnecessary images or tracking and advertising libraries that constantly generate traffic. How many websites are bloated with ridiculous amounts of ads, tracking, auto-playing videos. It’s not just that this is annoying to the users.

We stream everything nowadays… music, videos, apps, games, news. Depending on the scale of your solution, this amounts to a significant portion of power that needs to be generated for data storage, servers and transfer.

The Internet is already responsible for more CO2 emissions than worldwide air traffic. Let’s start taking this into consideration when building software and services.

Manuel Riess @hutaffe