March 13, 2020

This whole Coronavirus thing really starts to make me nervous. I worry about my family. My company asked everyone to work from home if possible for the foreseeable future, especially with people of risk groups at home (pregnant wife, small kid, both with frequent sickness issues). So I will work from here for the next couple of weeks, which is no real problem for me, thankfully. I just never worked from home for more than a few days in a row until now.

The last couple of hours were crazy. Our chancellor telling the country to keep social contacts to a minimum, lots of sports events and leagues being canceled, Austria canceling ski season, schools and universities get closed in lots of countries, Belgium closes all Cafés and restaurants, Italy on lockdown since a few days already. And that’s just a few of the news of this evening. We expect our Kindergarten to get closed down as well probably by next week. We‘re even thinking of not going to a family gathering this weekend.

I don’t understand why Germany is not as strict as many other countries around us to try and slow down new infections. I guess we will see if this is the right way to go… I have the feeling it’s ok for now but it’s probably also a thin line to walk between keeping calm and everything under control and everything going down the shitter in panic.

All of this is hard to swallow. It’s unprecedented at least in my life time… pig flu already was a big deal back in 2009 (?), SARS/MERS didn’t do much here, but the impact today is something else. I wonder what the outcome of all this will be when it’s over. There will be consequences.

Anyhow… I read The Stand and watched The Walking Dead. I hope I’m prepared! 🦠