I can’t help it… I’m becoming more and more anxious. Everything will be closed down by tomorrow. I could still go out and get groceries, but do I really have to? I ordered some furniture to pick up in the morning, but that’s closed now. Even if it was still open, should I pick it up? I missed the window to make my home office space a little more comfortable. I‘ll have to stick with what I have. Technology is more or less fine so far…

VPN had some hiccups and apparently MS Teams was down, although I was in a conference call while everyone said it was down 😉 I still need to get a little more organized. Knowing that I will be at home for probably 5 weeks changes my normal home office habits more than I thought it would.

In the family department everything‘s fine so far, but it will get stressful soon, as we can’t even go to a playground anymore. We built our own little playground on our balcony/garden. We can spend a lot of time there as long as the weather is fine. We‘ll see how long it will be exciting for my daughter. She starts to get that everything is closed… no zoo, no library, no swimming pool… she thinks grandma is sick and suggests to visit grandpa instead. We‘ll probably will also stay away from her Kindergarten friends to stay safe.

We‘re a little worried right now. I know I am for sure.

Manuel Riess @hutaffe