I really love working from home. Especially with my family around all day. I always worked from home every now and then, maybe even for a few days in a row, but usually there were meetings and colleagues waiting at the office. Now I’m at home since three full weeks and I don’t miss anything. I’m more productive, even though I never get full hours of course because I need and want to spend time with my daughter.

Again, I could not be more thankful for an employer that understands how life works and that fully supports us employees and their families. I see how other companies struggle and how difficult this time is for others. It’s not only times like this that make me realize how lucky I am to be working where I am. But especially now, it’s impossible to underestimate the support we get there.

Our teams and projects accustomed to fully remote work now and I don’t see any friction. Even when I’m in the office I’m on the phone most of the time anyways with colleagues from various time zones all around the world. Rarely do I really work directly with my direct peers from my team. So there’s not much of a change for me.

The biggest difference is that I can spend a whole lot of time with my family and don’t have to sit in a car for more than an hour each day. I don’t have to rush in the morning to get my daughter to Kindergarten in time (oh boy, how very thankful I am for this!), I don’t have to feel guilty in the evening because I’m home too late. I can play with my daughter in the morning, at noon, between meetings or prepare lunch for us.

So… there’s some good in this whole situation at least from my personal situation. More relaxed working, more time with family, increased appreciation for my company…. As long as we stay healthy, I‘m fine with this situation. 🦠

Manuel Riess @hutaffe