I‘m extensively using iA Writer lately for work on my iPad, and I love it! I checked and realized I bought it back in 2015, but never really used it. Now I feel guilty because I don‘t have to give them money even after such a long time!

Working Copy has an amazing way to charge for upgrades. You unlock pro features until at a certain point new additions are available and then you pay a little more to get those features as well, if you want them. Perfect model! No subscription, honest, fair and you see what you’re paying for. I wish more apps would follow this way instead of the standard subscriptions these days.

Oh and by the way… if you’re writing and storing your documents in GitHub, those two apps are just made for each other. Two of the greatest examples on how to integrate and inter-operate with the system (and other apps for that matter). Really amazing tools👌🏻

Manuel Riess @hutaffe