7 weeks at home. 7 weeks without seeing anyone besides my partner and daughter. Once a week I get out to buy groceries. We get out everyday for a walk in the forest or around the block… there are parts that don‘t bother me. There are parts that are not optimal. There are habits forming that are obviously not good for any of us, but with everything going on, are hard to avoid. Overall, the situation starts to wear on me. I’m not in a great mood since a couple of days. I feel stressed. I feel annoyed. I feel incompetent. I envy those who claim how boring this time is and how much Netflix they have to watch to kill all the time. I don’t have any time to kill. Even less than before all this. I don’t want to whine yet again, or complain. There are lots of people that are in much much worse situations. I have a great job, great family… everything else is mental. Maybe that’s the worst part here.

Manuel Riess @hutaffe