Winding down a day that’s hard to describe. We welcomed our second daughter today! I can’t fathom that I now have two kids! We’re lucky everyone is well and I was able/allowed to be there and „help“ (there’s literally nothing I could do besides standing there and try not to be in the way too much, of course), especially during this weird time we’re living in right now. My partner did a great job! I can’t even imagine the things she went through today (again). We’re also really fortunate she has an amazing and caring doctor.

I’m home now, hoping to show our big one (she’s the big one now! 😱) some photos of her sister tomorrow before heading back to the hospital in the morning. She’s so happy already… unfortunately she’s not allowed to visit because of Corona still, which is ridiculous but understandable. Wouldn’t it be great if a family would be allowed to be together? Weird situation.

But exciting times are ahead of us! Corona crossed a couple of our future plans already but we’ll figure something out. I’m often overwhelmed by one kid, I wonder what it will be like with two of them 😉

Or, like my colleague told me the other day:

Trust me, one kid is no kid 😉

We‘ll figure it out 🙃

Manuel Riess @hutaffe