Hmm… I don’t know… but seeing videos of Police cars driving right into people, Police shooting pepper bullets on a reporter’s head without reason, reporters being arrested without reason… oh right, and black people killed by policemen regularly… No idea why people protest against police violence and peoples rights 🤔 Pictures of a deeply troubled country.

Pared with a ridiculous lack of leadership, a worldwide political desaster on all possible fronts and no chance of improvement… that‘s not a world leader of anything anymore. Make America great again failed horribly. The exact opposite is the case. The absolute worst of it shows itself right now… people are dying for no reason, power is exploited and don’t forget that Corona is still a huge problem, unlike in many other countries where we see improvements since several weeks.

By the way… considering the scale of this whole situation, the news coverage here in Germany feels extremely low compared to previous times. This is either: it’s happening all the time and not worth of huge coverage anymore, or it’s not worth more coverage because the US relevance is not what it was before. Probably a bit of both.

Of course, I have no saying in this, just a sideline opinion, which is probably false. All I see is the news. But I have friends and colleagues in the US and I feel sad for them.

Manuel Riess @hutaffe