Tomorrow it will be four months that I’m at home probably 98% of my time. Working from home, barely seeing anybody (since maybe a couple weeks ago, finally). The only time I‘m leaving the house in general is to go grocery shopping. Our trip to the ocean this summer will most likely be canceled because nobody can afford the prices at the moment, it’s ridiculous! Also, the reports I hear are terrifying. It’s like nothing ever happened. Face masks? For what? Distance? „Naah, come on! It’s gone! Look! Do you see anybody sick around here? Let’s party!“ At this point I just wait until the first come back from their summer vacation and spread the virus like nobody learned anything at all during this time. I don’t understand these people. I‘d love to have another great trip during parental leave with my second daughter just as I did with the first! We already cut it down to the bare minimum. I miss traveling a lot. I don’t mind being at home, but a little change of scenery every once in a while would be nice. Seeing even this in danger now, with an outlook of staying at home for even longer… it makes me sad. I still hope things will work out though. Maybe we will find something affordable, away from people, last minute. I guess we‘re about to find out.

Manuel Riess @hutaffe