So… is Roam yet another hype train? It finally got to some of my peers and they are also all in on this. I still think I miss the point. It looks like an Outliner with Wiki functionality, but I‘m not sure why a normal Wiki wouldn’t do the trick here. I find TiddlyWiki similarly easy to use. But then again, I tried lots of note taking apps and they all just gathered dust at some point. I think I’m just not a note taking person. I’m mostly fine with a couple of text files in BBEdit or Drafts.

Also, their product site isn‘t helping much. There’s no information about features, just links hidden away to external content (and it only works if you allow Google Analytics, so there’s that). Why show me the pricing if you didn’t even show me what you do?

I don’t know… I might try it, because it looks promising and because I’m interested in why people are so hyped about it. I don’t think it will stick with me though.

Manuel Riess @hutaffe