December 18, 2020

Longer than usual Christmas vacation started today. More than 3 weeks at home thanks to lockdown and closed kindergartens Lots of time to spend with my older daughter, she needs it. These times are hard for kids. They might not show it, but they definitely behave like it.

Maybe I will find some time to reflect on this terrible, terrible year, looking ahead at 2021. There are major decisions to make for short, medium term and maybe even the rest of our lives. The problem is: I have zero mental capacity right now to even decide what I should eat for breakfast. Not a good combination. Sometimes it starts to feel like this year broke me. There’s a lot of room for improvement next year, on all fronts.

On a positive note: it’s so great to see my little daughter develop so incredible. It’s amazing how far she is and how much she learned in her first 7 months. Not all is bad these days.