January 7, 2021

Everyone voting for Republicans at least in the last couple of years is responsible for the degradation of their country. The world feels sad for you and is somehow sarcastically laughing at your country. MAGA? Come on, these days are long gone. Leaders of the free world inviting rioters into their „sacred“ halls of lawmaking. There are videos showing officers leading them into the Capitol. Were they black they would have been shot from behind in a millisecond. Your Republicans support baseless conspiracy theories, destroying your country.

Why I even care about this? You are responsible for many other politicians in this world that think behavior like this is ok. It’s not. People like you create and follow actual fake news without any facts legitimizing „political“ practices that are simply unacceptable. You created a system of irrational media that makes money off of uneducated people. You are in large parts responsible for the same thing happening in my country.

You voted for „the good Republicans“? Well congratulations, they did nothing to prevent this and helped creating it.

This is on you.