March 21, 2021

I‘m a man of many interests. Sometimes I think about going back to university (at least) part time to learn something that really interests me. Basically all I ever did just fell into place, but did I really decide what I actually wanted to do or who I wanted to be? I didn’t. I sometimes think back to the day I felt truly free. I can pinpoint the exact moment and relive it. It was really ecstatic! It was the day I finished my job education and had a couple of months of nothing ahead of me. Sometimes I wish that kind of freedom back. Then I realize that everything that happened in my life brought me to where I am, what I am, who I am and with whom I am. And that’s great! All of this doesn’t (or at least shouldn’t) hold be back from becoming someone or something else; someone better. But it does. It’s hard. It’s never too late. But it’s also never the right time. And then again… what is different or better? Is different better? Does it matter? All I know is that things need to change in order to keep sanity.