March 27, 2021

So… I’m one of those old old-time Apple users with separate accounts for media purchases and iCloud. And I’m once again punished by Apple and after all those years they still do not offer a way to join the accounts.

With Apple One I could, in theory, assign the included storage to my iCloud account. Currently, I have to use the 2TB plan but with the 200GB I get with Apple One, I could downgrade to the 200GB storage plan and be just fine. The extra storage space can be assigned to the iCloud account, if the storage plan is not bigger than the one coming with Apple One. So? There is no 2TB Apple One Plan for me (because I don’t speak English, apparently) and I can’t downgrade. This means: I have to pay for the 2TB plan even though I don’t need it anymore.

Thanks Apple. No Apple One for me.