April 6, 2021

Reading about so many people getting vaccinated elsewhere, living a normal life again like in Israel, Taiwan or New Zealand. It’s pathetic how Europe handles this. Catatonia. The US gets 4 million people vaccinated per day. Germany gets 10 million in more than three months. It’s really just sad how politics can even crush the tiny positive thoughts that were still out there.

I‘m not angry. I’m just deeply disappointed.

The stuff everyone talks about being from „Pfizer“ was developed by a German company, paid with German taxpayers investment. People in the US probably never heard of BioNTech. At least not the ones I talked to, nor do American news mention it anywhere. Why would they? The rest of the world is to the US what Germany is to Bavaria: an unknown blurb of something, not worth considering.

But look how BioNTech helped us… where we and the rest of the world are. There are countries that are even more unfortunate then Europe of course. They have no money to spend on vaccines. Are they worth less than the rich people in „the west“?

There’s so much going on, I can’t fathom to even try to understand everything. All I know is that I don’t want to wait until sometime next year to get that frickin‘ vaccination and live a normal life again. I don’t want to hate everything anymore.