Posts and replies start to show up again on the timeline! Maybe the long international nightmare is over 😉 It felt a little like in the old days on Facebook (remember what that was?) when we couldn’t complain on Facebook that Facebook was down 🙃
Glad to see another software update for the reMarkable, now supporting pinch to zoom and especially enabling links in PDFs! Now I can actually use the daily planner I neglected since several weeks again 🙃
My favorite Podcast is Roderick on the Line, yet I fell behind for a long long time. I listened to Episode 342 from June 2019 today and found out that the lost album of the Western State Hurricanes I heard about so often on this show, finally found its way into the public early last year. The lengths and struggles John Roderick went through to get this out after so many years is really interesting.
I didn’t realize I had not bought a MailMate license yet 😳 I used it for so long now… I think it has a 30 day trial but those 30 days are counted when the app is active!? Long overdue to throw some money at it. Such a great tool!
Reading about so many people getting vaccinated elsewhere, living a normal life again like in Israel, Taiwan or New Zealand. It’s pathetic how Europe handles this. Catatonia. The US gets 4 million people vaccinated per day. Germany gets 10 million in more than three months. It’s really just sad how politics can even crush the tiny positive thoughts that were still out there. I‘m not angry. I’m just deeply disappointed.
Unpopular opinion: I like the old style of MacOS way better that Big Sur. Not as „fresh“ but so likable.
While setting up my old iMac I realized that I had HDD Fan Control (by the makers of Bartender) running for years without noticing it. Old iMacs with self-installed SSDs run the fan at maximum speed all the time. Such a great tool! Ran for so many years that I totally forgot about it. Worth every penny!
Apple Arcade brought some old time classic games into the service. I couldn’t have imagined myself so happy to be playing Fruit Ninja again after all those years 🙃 It was my first addiction before Threes and Alto‘s Adventure. So good 😊
I wanted to „quickly“ wipe my old iMac to give it away. Now I’m installing Snow Leopard from the original install DVD because the recovery installation has issues with APFS among other things. Now I remember… nothing is „quickly“ done in computing 🙃
Sometimes it’s a little sad to realize nice people have left a while a go. The good thing is, their blogs are still there. And maybe they’ll be back some day 🙃
One week to go until a little „vacation“ (what even does that mean these days) and a lot of pressure to get some stuff finished. Not looking forward to this week. Trying to kick things off on the right foot though. Early sleep, rise and shine! Trying to power through.
I might be able to assign the Apple One storage to the other account in my family and then try to downgrade 🤷‍♂️ But really Apple should finally find a solution to let people combine their accounts. I can’t even remember how this happened but I have it like that since forever, it causes only problems now and Apple just doesn’t care, as so often.
So… I’m one of those old old-time Apple users with separate accounts for media purchases and iCloud. And I’m once again punished by Apple and after all those years they still do not offer a way to join the accounts. With Apple One I could, in theory, assign the included storage to my iCloud account. Currently, I have to use the 2TB plan but with the 200GB I get with Apple One, I could downgrade to the 200GB storage plan and be just fine.
I’m planning to move to Apple One, but I’m really afraid of an iCloud Storage Fallout. I know something will go wrong when I „kind of” downgrade from 2TB in order to upgrade to combined 400GB storage plans. This is not Apple’s strong suit. The process alone is a sign, that this is not something they intend anyone to do. I’ll probably just wait until the Premier tier will be available in Germany, which might well be never.
Congratulations to @daveverwer to issue 500 of the iOS Dev Weekly newsletter. It’s one of the handful of newsletters I actually read. Looking forward to the next 500! 🎉