★ Daring Fireball - Thirty Years of Fetch

I didn’t know Fetch is still around. I totally forgot about it, but I loved it back when I needed it. I always thought it’s much easier to use than Transmit, which was always too much for my needs. I’m really glad it’s still alive!

Diving Into the World of Linux Podcasts

A couple of weeks ago I decided to dive a little bit deeper into Linux and try out some new stuff. One thing I hoped would help me was to listen to some Linux Podcasts. I wanted to expose myself to the topics in this community and how the people in there think. This is a whole new world to me, as I tried Linux way back and decided it’s too complicated. (My first impressions basically confirmed this, but that’s a whole other topic.)

So I downloaded a few Podcasts that popped up in a search in Overcast. I didn’t have too much time for lots of shows yet, but I thought I’d write up a (very) short summary of the few I listened to so far.

Linux Action News

This is kind of a fast paced quick news only show, but they cover a wider range of topics, not just Linux specific but also open source in general. It’s around since quite a while with more than 100 episodes yet. They’re not that much opinionated, at least in the few episodes I listened to so far, which I like. The Apple world is really narrowed down in opinions, repeating the same ideas and often circling around themselves too much lately.

It’s just about 30 minutes long and appears weekly, so it’s a nice way to get an update on different topics. I think this is one I’ll stick with for a while.

Linux Unplugged

I heard two episodes and I’m not quite sure what to think of it yet. It’s kind of an ATP format and one of the hosts also is on Linux Action News and founder of the Jupiter Broadcasting network. There are a couple shows on this „network“, all in the area of Linux. Maybe it’s worth checking them out a bit more. It looks a little like Relay.fm for Linux.

The show is a little opinionated, but not in an offensive way. It’s well established with more than 300 episodes. A few notes here and there made me chuckle because they were exactly how I imaged „Linux aficionados“ would think. Having them discuss some topics with the hosts of ATP would definitely be very interesting!

An episode is around one hour, also released weekly. I’m not sure I’ll stick to it, but I’ll keep listening to a few more. In the beginning I didn’t like ATP, but that changed too. Maybe this is similar here.

Going Linux

As a „newcomer“ to the scene it sounded like this would be a good one to get some basics about how Linux runs today, which tools are in fashion and that kind of stuff. I think this one would have potential, but I could only listen to the first couple of minutes of two episodes. The audio quality differs a lot between the two hosts. One is up to today’s Podcasting standards, the other one sounds like a bad phone call. I don’t know why though, because even if you record audio with your phone it sounds quite good today. They’re heading towards 400 episodes, which is why I would expect a more polished sound quality. My time is limited and if I’d wanted to listen to some bad phone audio on my commute to work, I’d join a conference call.

Maybe I’ll try it out at some later point, but for now there are lots of alternatives.

Exploit Brokers - Hacking News

Also a show I’m not sure about yet. The topics they cover sound interesting: It’s about cyber security, „hacking“, data breaches etc., but somehow I kept diverting.

It’s short (around 10 minutes) relatively new and not too regularly it seems. I think I’ll try out some more episodes to get a better opinion and see how it evolves.

There are still a few more Podcasts on my list. Maybe I manage to write up another quick review when I listened to more of them.

We saw a sloth and her baby in the zoo the other day! We never saw it outside before. So cute ☺️

Going back to the office for the first time in six weeks. 3 weeks sick, 2 weeks „recovery home office“ and a small stay-home vacation later it’s time to get back into the groove. This will be hard. 💪

I don’t know why LinkedIn gets hyped so much. It’s not a social network by any means. It’s a platform for self-promoting business clowns, selling themselves as the biggest shots in history. I don’t see a difference to the behavior people show on Facebook, minus the racists. It’s a window to a rosy business-freak show and head hunters that don’t even try to show any real interest.

Going to see Slipknot live in January 🎶🎸🤘🏻

Good start for my home team 🙂 First Champions League game in team history!

I can definitely see myself switching to Linux on a daily basis. It’s fun to play around with it… a lot of improvements since I tried it the last time. Although I have the feeling that it would be too fiddly in the long run. I ran into some walls even with some basic stuff. The state of the GUI is mostly ridiculous even after all these years. I guess designers don’t care about open source, or the developers not about design. Maybe I should go in and help on some projects 😉

Found a couple of Linux podcasts. Curious to hear of what quality they are. Could be a good way to get a feeling for this community and the topics coming up there. I feel like I’m fed up for the time being with Apple news and discussions in various forms.

Allright then… I’ll go and try out a couple of Linux distributions. That’s the first thing that’s quite tedious. How is someone coming fresh to this topic going to know which one is the right one? This is one reason Linux will never be successful on the desktop (not even this year!). But maybe that’s also the good thing about it and an advantage.

I think I might be sick… I‘m honestly thinking about getting a Linux laptop and I‘m interested in the Librem 5 phone which should be out soon. I might also just be tired of developing for iOS.

I think what mister Trump doesn’t understand is that everyone talks to the US in this oh so nasty tone because of him. What a ridiculous episode this is once again.

I finally decided to send bug reports for the state of the Mail app in the iOS betas. This has been terrible since the beginning and with only a couple of weeks until the final release I fear to have to buy another eMail client. I always loved the Mail app for its simplicity 😐

Found the right help page, so I figure I’ll probably create a new account for another blog.

Does someone have more than one micro blog? Do you have them in the same account or did you create multiple accounts to manage them? I’m not sure what’s the best way…

The problem with moving away from Amazon is the perceived malfunctioning of every other shop. Tracking info isn’t correctly handed over to the delivery service and it just takes at least a couple days more to arrive. No big problem at all, but we’re used to just get it way faster.

My iPad won’t update to Beta 5. Seeing how terrible it is on the iPhone, it doesn’t really matter. This is the worst beta cycle since several years. At this state, I doubt it will be ready for the next iPhone. Mail doesn‘t even get the unread count right… come on!

Turns out… there’s only so much Netflix and stuff you can watch until it’s not fun anymore.

Patience – I need to stay home and wait for my body hopefully fixing itself. Nice surprise when my daughter somehow called me on FaceTime all by herself today (probably by accident 🤣). Need some patience watching Netflix waiting to see her again later this week. // @macgenie

Having to lie around all day, I finally get to watch Mr. Robot. I love it! A little over the top sometimes though… and it really makes me re-evaluate my computer usage 😉

Surgery averted. Now stuff is dripping out of me. Not sure this whole thing was such a good idea.

“You know the three lies of a surgeon?”
“What would they be?”
“I do it myself, it won’t hurt and it will only take 5 minutes”

– My Surgeon 👨‍⚕️

Things you do when sick at home: learn about Carolingian Miniscule, the thing that revolutionized written language in the 8th century.

Jumped off the scalpel of the surgeon again. 😐 Next check on Monday, still with the option to get a 1-2 week stay at the hospital with two more surgeries. Go body! You can do this!

Back to the hospital with a wound infection.

„Can a man still be brave if he’s afraid?“
„That is the only time a man can be brave“ - Game of Thrones

Half way through season 3 of Stranger Things I have to say that I enjoy it way more than the previous seasons! They did an amazing job with this one.