We can fly to the moon and drive around with remote controlled cars on Mars, but delivering a package from A to B seems to be an unsolvable problem sometimes.

I failed on many personal fronts this year, so I guess I need to figure out some of my worst habits before anything else. Changing things to the better means making time for better things, not squeezing in more stuff in time I already don’t have.

Unlike many I learned to really like the yearly goal planning process in my company. It can do a great job to set expectations and see where you’re going next year. I‘ll try to do the same for private stuff, but I can already see that this is probably mostly wishful thinking 🤔

I‘m waiting for „friends“ to exchange their contact info with me, but 2019-01-01 00:15 will be the date I delete my Facebook account (I will enjoy New Years first, of course 😉). This Wired summary is just the tip of an unethical and constantly lying iceberg.

Finally leaving Facebook

I posted to my Facebook timeline that I will leave soon. I really fear that I will loose contact with some friends from all over the world. I have so many great memories about visiting friends in Japan, Korea, Hong Kong, the US… None of these friends will ever use a service like Micro.blog. None of them will use Telegram or any other messaging service besides Whats App or Facebook’s Messenger. None of them will write letters. Will we go back to eMails like 20 years ago? I’m not sure… I guess we’ll see whether it is possible in a post-Facebook world to stay in contact with people you usually don’t talk to very often and that live in a completely different culture.

It’s still mind boggling to me, that Apple still has no idea about where I stopped listening. Spotify works seemless. Start a song on the Mac, leave the desk, put AirPods in, open Spotify and it immediately takes over where you stopped. iTunes/Music doesn’t even support Handoff.

It’s been some crazy busy days and weeks. Time for a small treat. This one is really great!