Boris Johnson being Prime Minister sounds even more ridiculous than England leaving the EU. World politics are a playground for strange idiots these days. It should be a laughable joke, but everything becomes just more and more scary.

Also… there’s no way I can see which episode I already listened to. I’m keeping a list to be able to tell which one‘s I already heard. I know it always looks easier than it is, but the Music app definitely need some thorough rethinking.

There are a couple of radio shows on Beats 1 that I‘d like to listen to regularly, but I just can’t figure out a way to find or even save them somehow. It’s like Apple does not want me to listen to their stuff and tries everything to keep me away from it…

Love it when the occasional Swedish post flies by in my timeline and I can still pretend to know some Swedish after all those years. Jag älskar Sverige! 😊

Squirrels are treated like rats in some places. Here, they are just cute little fellows running around in the trees 😊 So much fun to watch them do their thing…

Spending the night in hospital. A first for me 😕

The Catalina Beta 4 Release Notes sound like “Please don’t install Catalina Beta 4”.

The beta process this year is really rough on all platforms. I still had no chance to test/build all my apps for iOS 13.

An important thing to do before meetings in big companies is studying the org chart 😐

Rammstein live in Frankfurt today. Not the best seats, but I was happy to get any at all! Great show! So glad I finally got to see them play some of my favorite songs 😊

Tried to recreate a simple SwiftUI sample and all I get is a compiler error that doesn’t make sense. So… there’s that ¯_(ツ)_/¯

Sometimes I don’t know on which planet I live and why certain music does not reach me. I listened to Dialog with Frank Turner today. I never heard of him (what’s wrong with me?! 😉), but this is exactly my kind of music. Kind of sad I just got to know it now, but glad I stumbled upon his music 🎶 (Great Podcast by the way!)

Some days at work can only be summarized by a collection of sad gifs…

The whole Zoom thing is an easy target for internet outrage.

I love that Apple‘s original Texas Hold‘em game from the iPod is back in the App Store 😊 This will cost some fun time 🙃

Writing some stuff with a little help of my pal here.

Setting up a new computer will always be a little special… everything feels so clean and uncluttered and somehow faster 🙃 Also: I pretty much like the new 13“ MacBook Pro I got as a replacement for the 15“ (which was destroyed by TSA 🙄). I went smaller to have it more portable and much lighter. The power is still more than enough for my needs, although I can already see what a huge difference the bigger battery made. The keyboard is much better than the original one, but still far from good. Even after 2.5 years I still can’t type on this thing and I never will… it’s really bad (still).

I constantly need to remind myself that “Think about X“ or “Search for solution to Y“ is not an actual item I should put into OmniFocus. It will just sit there, untouched, nagging me forever.

Well, I’m ready, I’m willing
And I’m able to rock and roll all night
I’m ready, I’m willing
And I’m able to rock and roll all night
Come on pretty baby
We’re gonna rock, we’re gonna roll until the broad daylight

🎶 Fats Domino - I‘m ready

Look what I got! 🙃

One month of blogging! I managed to post something to my blog once a day for the last 30 days! Don’t know what that’s worth, but it became a little bit of a habit. Of course I was traveling 3 out of 4 weeks and then it’s always easy. Still not sure where I want this blog to go though. I feel like there should be more substance to everything, but then… why? I want this to stay fun and not become a chore again. So… here’s to the next 30 days?!

Well it’s a most peculiar feelin’
Like sunburn in the evenin’
With dark clouds on their way
And you think it’s most unlikely
Life could ever shine as brightly
Once the sun is gone and the pressure’s on
And the rain is here again

🎶 Catatonia - Don’t Need the Sunshine

I‘m super exhausted 😴 The last couple of weeks and the crazy temperatures here take its toll. I can’t even think straight…

My office for today 👌🏻

I agree. I think it’s a chance for Apple‘s future product design. But someone should be in charge.

I don’t worry that Apple is in trouble because Jony Ive is leaving; I worry that Apple is in trouble because he’s not being replaced.

★ Daring Fireball: Jony Ive Is Leaving Apple