Und Du rufst in die Welt,
daß sie dir nicht mehr gefällt.
Du willst ‘ne schönere erleben,
doch es wird keine andere geben!

🎶 Joachim Witt – Die Flut

Turns out… learning to play the guitar is hard 🙃

Es ist also absurd für deutsche Firmen dafür zu sorgen, dass ihre Produkte unter Berücksichtigung der Menschenrechte produziert werden? Mir scheint der Kerl an sich ist absurd. Menschenrechte: Arbeitgeber-Chef wettert gegen Verpflichtung durch Gesetz

From this Joker teaser I could imagine this will be an Oscar candidate next year. Looks really good!

Google’s brand-new AI ethics board is already falling apart

Great day for Facebook once again. User info out in the public on AWS, asking for user‘s email passwords… it’s… I don’t know… No words ¯_(ツ)_/¯

My guitar teacher asked me for a couple of songs I‘d like to try playing next to learn some new stuff 😐 I can’t finish this task! I need to pick all the songs. It’s like asking about my favorite pizza… It’s all of them! 😉

Big german newspaper Die Zeit, writes about deleted data from social networks like Google+ and how to archive them. No mention of ways to prevent this in the first place. No open web or anything. Plus, the comments show the depressing state of the internet and mindset in Germany.

Flights booked for WWDC and the following crazy tour to visit friends all over the place in June. This will be great!👌🏻 🛫