Seems like a mother/daughter thing 🙃

If I were rich, I‘d buy myself a small house up in the mountains over there. I love this region.

One of the main reasons I didn’t upgrade to the latest Apple Watch (besides the price) was that ECG wasn’t supported in Germany. Now that this works I might actually reconsider it…

… oh, and if you want to stay, than stay! But do anything. This limbo is going on for months and months and people get tired of all of this and start to not care at all what happens. Probably nothing will happen and we‘ve waisted a lot of time on nothing.

Maybe I‘m too stupid to understand what’s going on in the UK. They want Brexit but they don’t want Brexit. They want a deal but no deal. How many alternatives can there be? Just leave, for God’s sake! Europe has more important things to discuss than this undecided childishness.

It’s a first step. We need more regulation for these topics. People themselves won’t change otherwise… EU Lawmakers Back Wide Ban on Disposable Plastic Products - The New York Times

Oh wow… I think I didn’t update the Drafts beta on my Mac for quite a while. The release today looks a lot different to what I know so far 🙃

Sometimes I feel like I‘m buying Time Zone apps like others do Weather apps.

With my reconciled RSS feeds I get a lot more information and I‘m much more involved with the topics I like than I was with Facebook or Twitter. Facebook scrambled everything together and had a fancy algorithm that showed that my favorite soccer team lost two weeks ago, the win from yesterday wasn’t mentioned. Twitter was a hellscape that just made me angry with uncountable Trump posts other nonsense. I‘m much happier without them. The one thing I still miss is the interaction with international friends though.

Since I deleted my Facebook and Twitter accounts I heavily (and happily) rely on my RSS feeds for news. I‘m into US sports (NHL, NFL, NBA), but not sure what’s the best source for a quick overview here. I subscribed to ESPNs feeds. Any better options out there?