Domestic Flights in the US are just the worst. The way things work at the airport and during the flight is so terrible. There is really nothing that works. I never had an at least decent experience.

My daughter is 2.5 years old now and I wonder if there will ever be a week where she’s not sick in any form. Poor little thing… 🥺

Muir Woods today. Lovely place! Tomorrow will be travel day… not really looking forward to that, but there’s still one fun week ahead before we need to go back home.

What a great 6th game in the NBA finals today! I have the unpopular opinion that Toronto should win 🙃 Always for the underdog! 🏀

Why wouldn’t I enter?! I love In-N-Out Burger!🍔 😋

Natural Bridges beach today, where we had a lot of fun and got to see dolphins passing by! Ended the evening with BBQ and a cold beer in a hammock… could be worse 🙃

Went down Highway 1 to Santa Cruz today. I love it here ☺️ I always take that route when I have the chance. So many incredible places… too bad you can’t stop everywhere!

Enjoyed the beach in Pacifica today 🏖🌊☀️

Turns out… small kinds also have a jet lag 😴 Up since 3am. I am barely alive and I don’t know who I am anymore 💤

Glad that I was able to attend the last lunchtime session this year. Sesame Street was really funny 😄 Definitely a highlight!

WWDC is winding down, most people already left and I’m going to pick up my family at the airport later for some vacation. A great week comes to an end again… Not sure I’ll make it next year, but I sure have lots to learn and figure out until then. See you San José! 👋🏻

This. Was. Amazing!

Photo of Weezer on stage at WWDC 2019.

Cute little easter egg in the demo on how to bring iPad apps for Mac to the next level: Marzipan is marked as a favorite with a heart. I wonder why 🙃

Of all the new stuff from WWDC I think the Combine framework will be the biggest challenge to get used to. Totally different way of coding. Makes things easier and cleaner though. Lots of stuff to learn! 🤓

So incredibly excited to see Weezer, one of my alltime favorite bands tomorrow at The Bash! So cool! Reminds me of Top 4 - Worst Weezer Singles 😉

I had a quick look on the SwiftUI tutorials and it really looks ready for prime time already. This is so powerful. Animations, transitions, navigation… easier than ever and everything built right in already. I‘m curious how this looks in real life, but it‘s incredibly promising

I met a bunch of WWDC Scholarship winners tonight and I have to say… it’s really impressive what they built. So much creativity and ideas to help people and technology. Well deserved!

All the changes to Xcode, the new SwiftUI and Combine Frameworks… it‘s a great year for developers! Really makes me want to dive deep into some new app project again. I‘m afraid there‘s no real time to do everything.

WWDC 2019 – Keynote Impressions

Alright… WWDC Keynote’s over and as usual I‘m a little overwhelmed by all the new stuff. It always needs a couple of days to figure out what‘s really important and what will stick.

On a first impression, as a developer I‘m really excited about the new SwiftUI of course, although this means lots and lots and lots of new learning and a different way of thinking as I was used to for two decades now. But I guess that‘s a good thing 😉

I also think the Sign In with Apple feature with its randomly generated eMail addresses etc. is a huge deal. Maybe not in the public, but considering the importance of privacy and someone to stand up agains all the ad-driven services undermining people‘s privacy, this feature can‘t be overrated.

The changes to the new iPadOS are also something that will be incredible useful. I‘m curious to see how these features turn out to work in real life and what‘s still missing to them.

And the Mac Pro… well, I guess it‘s great that it exists again and is more powerful than ever before. Of course it‘s kind of a niche product. But they showed some dedication to their different user groups. But how can you sell a display without a stand? I don‘t know… my focus during the last couple of months was on iPad and I feel like this is only to get more intense with time now.

Now I‘m looking forward to the State of the Union and get some insight into what‘s under the hood. This year much more exciting than last year already now.

WWDC – Let’s do this! (Dub Dub is now an official term 😖)

Got to get up early for the keynote tomorrow… still not sure I want to stand in line with my friends at 6:30 It doesn’t really matter where you sit. Maybe I’ll take it as a chance to meet new people in line while getting enough sleep for a long day.

After a long long day of travel and visiting friends, I watched the first episode of Chernobyl in the hotel. Holy moly. I need to get my blood pressure down. This is definitely nothing to binge watch 😱

My colleague pointed me to this song the other day. Stuck in my head since then 🙃 Do you know the way to San Jose? 🎶

On my way to San José.

Airplane at a gate at the airport.