Made the most of a little sunshine and did a walking tour over our campus with some stops for an active workshop today.

Apple responds to Spotify’s claims. Also a lot of truth in there… They need to find a common ground to work on. I understand some of Spotify’s claims and the general issue with Apple’s way of charging developers. But I also see where Apples point of view in this case comes from.

I don’t understand how people don‘t care about privacy. Nice video. Apple Illustrates iPhone Privacy with Real-World Analogs

Registered to hopefully be allowed to throw some of my company‘s money at Apple for WWDC again. Even if I don’t get a ticket, I‘ll be there anyway this time. Looking forward to being there! I‘m excited again 🙃

Olli was recommended in the App Store the other day… it’s really astonishing how good the effects are. Not the first time I see something like this, but it’s the best version by far! Really fun to play with.

I understand why Spotify files a complaint against Apple in the EU. After all, some reasons for my recent switch to Apple Music are exactly those they complain about.

Großartiger Überblick in der Zeit über die Geschichte der SPD und warum sie heute ist, wo sie ist.

There’s literally no bad music on Elton John’s Rocket Hour. Even if something isn’t in your wheelhouse, it is more than enjoyable. I love this show! 🎶

This can’t be a coincidence 😅 @johnbarbic @omni

Oh, a shiny new version of Ulysses is out. Which of course means I can continue not writing anything even better now! I love this app, I just can’t find the tiniest amount of time to use it…