Played around with the Shortcuts app to get a tiny thing done. I’m not sure this thing is made for me. It probably needs a lot more practice, but for now the way these actions work, is quite weird to me. Besides that, I’m still in love with this big iPad!

I thought I’d just try out this 12.9” iPad Pro. ”It’s too big” I thought… well… I think I’m in love with this thing 😱 Yes, some stuff is still cumbersome. But the bigger screen makes these things a little better. And that screen… oh my! What an awesome piece of technology!

I just got to try out the new Macbook Air for a minute. First time for me to try out the new keyboard… Wow! The difference to my 2016 MacBook Pro is incredible! I still hate my keyboard, but could get used to the new one!

I will never understand why elections are held on a Tuesday ¯_(ツ)_/¯

It’s funny how the perception of everything not Apple is that it’s much cheaper. I struggle with the pricing of Apple’s products and everybody tells me “Go get a Surface Pro instead”. I looked at the prices and wow 🤯 For a similar configuration which probably has a worse performance and less features than an iPad, it’s even more expensive. And that’s not even considering my investment in the whole ecosystem I would have to switch. It’s tough… no-pro iPads are no option because of the storage options, “old” iPad pro is not that much cheaper for what you get with the new ones, Android tablets also are a no-go. I guess I have to bite the bullet.

I wonder what happens when the Republicans win the midterm elections. What would this say about the country? From the outside it seems just like two years ago. Democrats in a bubble, mostly sure „they“ will win. I guess we’ll see… The world crosses their fingers they’re right.

Yes! Got me some tickets to Rammstein live next year 🤘🏻🎸🎶

This week’s episode of ATP is why I like this podcast. Very energetic and insightful. They address a couple of issues that concern me with Apple’s products I didn’t think of yet.