I wrote down all the subscriptions I pay for every month or year. Holy 🐱 It’s just a coffee per month times a bajillion! Everything moving to a subscription model is a problem. I throw way too much money at stuff. I really need to consolidate what I need and pay for.

First steps in reducing the amount of paper in my office. I use a wireless document scanner to automatically put new snail mail on my Synology where it is OCR‘d. 99% of the paper can go to the trash now and I can search everything in Finder, accessible from anywhere. \o/

I‘m more than excited that Rammstein will be on tour with a new album next year 🤩 I really hope I can get a ticket to a show when they go on sale next week!

All the best for all the NaNoWriMo participants! I have no idea where you all manage to carve out the time to write this much 😅 I admire your creativity!

I guess I need to start start thinking about a time after using Apple products. The prices are insane.

I can‘t watch the Apple event live today. But following the live blogs it seems like a pretty great event with all the right things to be released 👍🏻

To make a mountain of
Your life is just a choice
But I never learned enough
To listen to the voice that told me
Always love
Hate will get you every time
Always love
Don’t wait til the finish line

🎶 Nada Surf - Always Love

Chances blown
nothing’s free
longing for
what used to be
still it’s hard
hard to see
fragile lives
shattered dreams

🎶 The Offspring - The Kids Aren‘t Alright

The world needs more Hans Söllner. My favorite German musician says his new album will probably be the last one. He’s kind of a Bavarian Bob Dylan and the lyrics are so beautiful yet grim, they make me cry. Right on point for the time we live in. There’s no one like him left.