That timespan between being happy and proud of (finally!) finishing a project and when people will start complaining about it 🤪

I’m still excited about the recent additions to! It basically means that I can get rid of my Linode because my abandoned blog is the only thing still running there. I moved everything else already and keeping it up to date is kind of tedious…

Google did the same as Facebook… I bet there are more of these. It just shows where the focus of probably the majority of the tech industry is. Don’t be evil is long gone…

What the hell is wrong with this company? They can tell stories in whatever way they want… they are inherently broken and evil from the inside… Facebook pays teens to install VPN that spies on them

It’s just sad… what kind of a human being do you have to be as a politician to let this happen?! ‘It’s an Act of Murder’: How Europe Outsources Suffering as Migrants Drown - The New York Times

Watching Taste the Waste… it’s so ridiculous how we treat our food. And our planet. We really need to change…

Why is it that getting shipments from the US is such a PITA? Problems with customs, astronomical shipping costs and no real way to return wrongly shipped items. I guess I won’t buy any merchandise etc. anymore if it’s not also shipped from within the EU.

Oh do I hope that Greta Van Fleet is not becoming the new The Darkness. They have such a great sound that’s more or less extinct these days. 🤘🏻🎸🎶

Ok… Starting the day I already realized that Agenda might not be the thing I was looking for. It was promising, and I think I will give it quit it for a while. Getting stuff in order is hard 🙃

That was clearly a flag 😳 sorry for the Saints. I cheered for them today. But as everyone knows: if you don’t make your points in the beginning you will regret it in the end. The Saints had the chance for two touchdowns right at the start but only made it to two field goals. 🏈