I‘m giving Agenda a shot to organize my stuff. I‘ve been swamped with stuff lately and I forget more and more things I should have finished weeks ago. I never understood this app. But now that I had a quick look it’s promising… It might kind of work the way I think.

I‘m back to using my eMail Imbox as a todo list. Never a good sign for my stress level…

The GoodNotes 5 Update looks pretty amazing! I might even consider to switch from Notability 🤔 The problem, as usual, is the silo of all these apps. I can’t get my stuff from Notability to GoodNotes, and I already have a whole bunch of stuff in there I don’t want to miss… Maybe I’ll just make a cut. It’s really good!

I think tension between melody and lyrics gets me. The more a song is a happy song for me and the more it should make me sad, the better it feels 🙃 Another favorite I can listen to over and over is Brian Fallon - Forget Me Not Makes me wanna dance and sad at the same time 🎶

My favorite Swedish band has a new album out! I love how they put sad and sometimes disturbing lyrics into some of the happiest melodies I get hooked on ☺️ Friska Viljor - Unless You Love Me. Still my favorite from their last album: Stalker 🎶

First time to see Interstellar today. Great movie all in all… also makes you think about how we live on our planet. But the last 30 or 45 minutes really don’t hold up to the rest of the movie. 🎬

Funny how Apple had to stop selling the iPhone 8 in Germany because of issues with Qualcomm and nobody even cares 🙃

My Word for 2019

I finished my personal goal planning for 2019, similar to what I did at work for the last couple of years. I know, I know… it sounds terrible. But it lead me to some more insights for this new year than just the usual ”I’ll loose some weight”. I wanted more than the usual resolutions and I ended up with a list of things that I’d like to improve in my life, starting in 2019. I also tell myself that I don’t need to do all of it this year, that I don’t need to finish everything on the list. It’s a list of things that should guide me through this year with the means of helping me feel better. One thing I want to do though is to check in at the end of each month and see where I am. Check whether there is something that was left behind completely or that I really did good during the month. I hope that this helps me to stick to something and build new habits, instead of loosing track after a week… as usual. I feel really good about this list and I really think it might help me to work on some stuff.

Inspired by @macgenie, @klandwehr, @cheri and others on Micro.blog I thought of a word that could describe this year for me. The biggest pattern in my list of goals turned out to be around my health and fitness (what else? Well… a lot!). The one word that came to mind immediately was well-being. Ok… it’s kind of two words, but oh well ¯_(ツ)_/¯ It tells me to eat healthier, become more active and most importantly become more relaxed again. It also tells me to finally start with a couple of things I wanted to do since a long time.

I need to feel better next year. So this will be my word: well-being

We can fly to the moon and drive around with remote controlled cars on Mars, but delivering a package from A to B seems to be an unsolvable problem sometimes.

I failed on many personal fronts this year, so I guess I need to figure out some of my worst habits before anything else. Changing things to the better means making time for better things, not squeezing in more stuff in time I already don’t have.