Jumped off the scalpel of the surgeon again. 😐 Next check on Monday, still with the option to get a 1-2 week stay at the hospital with two more surgeries. Go body! You can do this!

Back to the hospital with a wound infection.

„Can a man still be brave if he’s afraid?“
„That is the only time a man can be brave“ - Game of Thrones

Half way through season 3 of Stranger Things I have to say that I enjoy it way more than the previous seasons! They did an amazing job with this one.

Boris Johnson being Prime Minister sounds even more ridiculous than England leaving the EU. World politics are a playground for strange idiots these days. It should be a laughable joke, but everything becomes just more and more scary.

Also… there’s no way I can see which episode I already listened to. I’m keeping a list to be able to tell which one‘s I already heard. I know it always looks easier than it is, but the Music app definitely need some thorough rethinking.

There are a couple of radio shows on Beats 1 that I‘d like to listen to regularly, but I just can’t figure out a way to find or even save them somehow. It’s like Apple does not want me to listen to their stuff and tries everything to keep me away from it…

Love it when the occasional Swedish post flies by in my timeline and I can still pretend to know some Swedish after all those years. Jag älskar Sverige! 😊

Squirrels are treated like rats in some places. Here, they are just cute little fellows running around in the trees 😊 So much fun to watch them do their thing…

Spending the night in hospital. A first for me 😕

The Catalina Beta 4 Release Notes sound like “Please don’t install Catalina Beta 4”.

The beta process this year is really rough on all platforms. I still had no chance to test/build all my apps for iOS 13.