Finally leaving Facebook

I posted to my Facebook timeline that I will leave soon. I really fear that I will loose contact with some friends from all over the world. I have so many great memories about visiting friends in Japan, Korea, Hong Kong, the US… None of these friends will ever use a service like None of them will use Telegram or any other messaging service besides Whats App or Facebook’s Messenger. None of them will write letters. Will we go back to eMails like 20 years ago? I’m not sure… I guess we’ll see whether it is possible in a post-Facebook world to stay in contact with people you usually don’t talk to very often and that live in a completely different culture.

It’s still mind boggling to me, that Apple still has no idea about where I stopped listening. Spotify works seemless. Start a song on the Mac, leave the desk, put AirPods in, open Spotify and it immediately takes over where you stopped. iTunes/Music doesn’t even support Handoff.

This might be one of the reasons why I switch to Apple Music. I love the Elton John`s Rocket Hour

It’s been some crazy busy days and weeks. Time for a small treat. This one is really great!

This girl lets me hope that things might change some day…

I got down from 10 work eMails to 0, did some outlining for a storyboard at work and managed to pay a couple of bills. On a Saturday evening. Times change… 😒

I think I‘m about to switch from Spotify to Apple. I got another free month and remember now what I liked about it. The playlists are amazing! It’s much more than just Discover Weekly. Also, Spotify’s CarPlay app is a joke, which becomes more and more of a problem for me 🎶

I like that Spotify filters out children’s music from my „Best of 2018“ list. This list would be a mess otherwise 🙃

Is this the world we created?
We made it on our own.
Is this the world we devastated right to the bone?
If there’s a God up in the sky, looking down,
What must he think of what we’ve done
To the world that He created?

🎶 Queen – Is this the World we created?

I always get completely teared up at that part of the song (Who wants to live forever). There’s so much overwhelming power in Freddie’s voice. Never gets old. Not after ten billion times. 🎶

But touch my tears with your lips
Touch my world with your fingertips
And we can have forever
And we can love forever
Forever is our today

🎶 Queen – Who wants to live forever

If there’s one app that I use every single day, it is BBEdit. They celebrate the 25th anniversary… that’s crazy! Of course I got myself some merch over at the Bare Bones shop.

Was hätten sie denn gern? Verweigert ihnen denn ihr Leben
das wonach sie suchen und wonach sie wirklich streben?
Das ist doch gar kein Problem, wir übernehmen das.
Unter Garantie findet sich im Angebot auch was für sie

🎶Sportfreunde Stiller – Einmal Mond Und Zurück

I finally deleted my Twitter account. I didn’t check anything in several months. All my posts were deleted since almost a year. I totally forgot about it and didn’t miss anything. Good riddance!

How is this year already almost over again? 😱 It’s like time doesn‘t exist anymore!

What a great day on! So many great links, discussions & opinions to follow. Thanks everybody! 🙏

What’s a good & practical way to share family photos? We use iCloud Photo Library, but the family album is a joke. I don’t want my images to be scaled down. But without it we use almost double the space we need for our family photos. Google is no option. Maybe my Synology? 🤔

The iPad mini has nothing on it besides apps to read (Books, Kindle, Reeder) and a couple to take notes & quotes, which is much nicer to do than on the kindle. The power is just enough for any of that and the size is perfect! I really hope there will be a new mini at some point.

I started using my old old iPad mini to read using the Books and Kindle Apps. I somehow like reading on it better than on the Kindle. Plus: loading non–Amazon books onto the Kindle is a pain. Books is incredibly easy in that regards.

Easily 10 years since I walked this path the last time… wow.

I didn’t hear anything from Jimmy Eat World in a long long loooong time. A friend introduced me to their 2016 album Integrity Blues and I love it! 🎶

Sometimes one or two sentences in a song make it special to me in a way that’s totally in contrast to the songs actual intention. 🎶

I hope creators of web applications will also realize that more and more people are using their stuff from a mobile device. It’s infuriating if some things just fail on an iPad because some tool on the web is unusable all of a sudden.

Since I got that new iPad I‘m the biggest fan of Notability and Nebo. Notability is overall amazing, I live in it. Nebo is crazy in how it allows to work with text and how it recognizes handwriting and drawing diagrams. Each day I‘m amazed by the great things this device can do!

The Castle was illuminated in purple today. Strange but beautiful ☺️ 5E8A6069-3CA0-4756-8250-8CF63DEB0A2B.jpg