Costal Weather

It might be a bit too cold for a summer vacation, given the heat wave a couple of weeks ago… but I love the coastal weather!

One Day At The Beach

Yesterday was the only day we could really spend at the beach because of the low temperatures and heavy winds. Heading home again tomorrow already.

Spending a couple of days in the Netherlands 🇳🇱 again with friends. Nice windy evening today!

I violated rule #1: Never ever google the diagnosis of a doctor.

Day one of almost exclusively using an iPad: I think I got everything set up. It‘s fine for most of the stuff I do, but there are things I just cannot imagine will work for me, besides the need for Xcode. Still, simple things like copying something from A to B are really annoying

Since my Mac is obsolete soon and I‘m not willing to spend a ridicoulous amount of money on a Mac I don‘t want, I thought I check out the iPad-life again. Never stuck with me in the past… it feels too cumbersome to do most of the things, but lets see how it turns out this time.

Needed to play around with my old MacBook Pro today and now I hate the keyboard of the new models even more. It’s so pleasing to type on those old keys. Even after 1.5 years I just can’t get used to the new keyboards. I just can’t type on it. I even thought about switching back.

„I’ll work outside in the garden and enjoy the ‚cold‘ air this evening“

gets eaten alive by mosquitos

„Alright… back to sweating in the apartment all night long 😐“

The amount of data that is collected from users is ridiculous. I know it is, but it still amazes me how much stuff companies „need” to know about someone. I hope Spotify uses their data responsibly… via Peter Steinberger on Twitter