What’s a good & practical way to share family photos? We use iCloud Photo Library, but the family album is a joke. I don’t want my images to be scaled down. But without it we use almost double the space we need for our family photos. Google is no option. Maybe my Synology? 🤔

The iPad mini has nothing on it besides apps to read (Books, Kindle, Reeder) and a couple to take notes & quotes, which is much nicer to do than on the kindle. The power is just enough for any of that and the size is perfect! I really hope there will be a new mini at some point.

I started using my old old iPad mini to read using the Books and Kindle Apps. I somehow like reading on it better than on the Kindle. Plus: loading non–Amazon books onto the Kindle is a pain. Books is incredibly easy in that regards.

Easily 10 years since I walked this path the last time… wow.

I didn’t hear anything from Jimmy Eat World in a long long loooong time. A friend introduced me to their 2016 album Integrity Blues and I love it! 🎶

Sometimes one or two sentences in a song make it special to me in a way that’s totally in contrast to the songs actual intention. 🎶

I hope creators of web applications will also realize that more and more people are using their stuff from a mobile device. It’s infuriating if some things just fail on an iPad because some tool on the web is unusable all of a sudden.

Since I got that new iPad I‘m the biggest fan of Notability and Nebo. Notability is overall amazing, I live in it. Nebo is crazy in how it allows to work with text and how it recognizes handwriting and drawing diagrams. Each day I‘m amazed by the great things this device can do!

The Castle was illuminated in purple today. Strange but beautiful ☺️ 5E8A6069-3CA0-4756-8250-8CF63DEB0A2B.jpg

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