Needed to play around with my old MacBook Pro today and now I hate the keyboard of the new models even more. It’s so pleasing to type on those old keys. Even after 1.5 years I just can’t get used to the new keyboards. I just can’t type on it. I even thought about switching back.

Neues Album! \o/ Element Of Crime - “Schafe, Monster und Mäuse”

„I’ll work outside in the garden and enjoy the ‚cold‘ air this evening“

gets eaten alive by mosquitos

„Alright… back to sweating in the apartment all night long 😐“

The amount of data that is collected from users is ridiculous. I know it is, but it still amazes me how much stuff companies „need” to know about someone. I hope Spotify uses their data responsibly… via Peter Steinberger on Twitter

To summarize the valid Mac options available at the moment: You can either have an iPad with a Monitor or something for roughly 3000-6000€. Everything else is not really an option if you want something that lasts a couple of years again.

I just realized my iMac does not support Mojave anymore. Now I’m wondering whether this is the end of me owning a Mac for the foreseeable future. I’m basically just working on the Macbook for my Job and there is no good option for a consumer Mac anymore.

I can’t wait for the new Orange is the new Black season tomorrow 😱

Trying out a couple of new apps I found in the Today section of the App Store. Those are not really apps for me, but I love the icons!

Denying Holocaust is no reason to take down a post for Zuckerberg? What the hell is wrong with this guy… there’s life outside of Facebook, not sure he knows about that.

I turned on iCloud Photo Library yesterday. All devices say they’re up to date. All devices have different counts of photos and videos. I have mixed feelings about this 🧐

APFS is such a great thing! I had 145 GB free, deleted 90 GB, result: 150 GB free. Rebooted my Mac, now it’s down to 122 GB. ¯_(ツ)_/¯

Feels good to be down to only three eMails which are basically just ToDos. What a relief after months of dozens of unread mails 🙃

Funny how everyone everytime tries to interpret what Trump means with the sounds coming out of his mouthhole. The world should just stop. He doesn’t mean anything. Yesterday this way, today that way and tomorrow everyone lies. It’s ridiculous. Stop… just stop.

Visiting home today. Spent the evening with my family at the Kulperhütte.

I had to use Twitter the other day to get some customer support and I started checking Tweetbot again throughout the day. Twitter is still not a place I want to be at anymore. For me personally it’s worthless to spend any time on it.

Awesome! I just recently though „I wonder what Israel Nash is doing these days“. And there’s a new single out 😊 Lucky Ones

Not sure, but I think my car got the cover art of Automators wrong 😉 //cc @rosemaryorchard

I finally got my bike out for a ride after quite a while. I should do this more often…

I really don’t understand the hype around dark mode on Mojave. I used the dark menu bar and dock already, but having everything dark looks wrong to me. Don’t know why, but it’s definitely not my style…

All you need to do to get rich these days is write a random app and buy some cryptocurrencies, right? I better look for a house with a garage big enough for all those Lambos!

I guess I need to become rich ASAP to be able to afford a tiny house to live in. 😕

Not in this lifetime tour is more like Once in MY lifetime! I think I just saw the concert of my life. It’s like a childhood dream come true! Guns N’ Roses live. Slash is a revelation… I’m without words. So happy right now!

Honest question, trying to understand what’s going on in the US: Isn’t one of the root problems that there are only two parties? This will inevitably lead to extremism on both sides, dividing the country. Why are there no other parties (that actually have a chance)?

„Using location services on the phone drains my battery.” I don’t understand this argument. I guess it’s a myth still around since the days of the iPhone 3G & iOS 3. I never experienced this on any recent phone but it’s incredible how many users still insist on this reasoning

I tried really hard to avoid him, and it kind of worked for some time after I left Twitter. But this embarrassment of a „president“ shoves his lies into our own news now. Accusing others of lying to support his own juvenile lies. Please keep this creature out of our politics.