I thought I’d just try out this 12.9” iPad Pro. ”It’s too big” I thought… well… I think I’m in love with this thing 😱 Yes, some stuff is still cumbersome. But the bigger screen makes these things a little better. And that screen… oh my! What an awesome piece of technology!

I just got to try out the new Macbook Air for a minute. First time for me to try out the new keyboard… Wow! The difference to my 2016 MacBook Pro is incredible! I still hate my keyboard, but could get used to the new one!

I will never understand why elections are held on a Tuesday ¯_(ツ)_/¯

It’s funny how the perception of everything not Apple is that it’s much cheaper. I struggle with the pricing of Apple’s products and everybody tells me “Go get a Surface Pro instead”. I looked at the prices and wow 🤯 For a similar configuration which probably has a worse performance and less features than an iPad, it’s even more expensive. And that’s not even considering my investment in the whole ecosystem I would have to switch. It’s tough… no-pro iPads are no option because of the storage options, “old” iPad pro is not that much cheaper for what you get with the new ones, Android tablets also are a no-go. I guess I have to bite the bullet.

I wonder what happens when the Republicans win the midterm elections. What would this say about the country? From the outside it seems just like two years ago. Democrats in a bubble, mostly sure „they“ will win. I guess we’ll see… The world crosses their fingers they’re right.

Apple Pay is Set to Launch in Germany - MacRumors

Banks such as HVB and Bunq this morning sent out emails to customers announcing their imminent support for Apple’s mobile payment system in the country.

Of course my bank doesn’t support it 😉 I do wonder whether it’s possible to use a credit card even if your bank does not officially support Apple Pay? Why are cards and banks listed next to each other?

Apple Pay is Set to Launch in Germany - MacRumors

Yes! Got me some tickets to Rammstein live next year 🤘🏻🎸🎶

This week’s episode of ATP is why I like this podcast. Very energetic and insightful. They address a couple of issues that concern me with Apple’s products I didn’t think of yet.

I wrote down all the subscriptions I pay for every month or year. Holy 🐱 It’s just a coffee per month times a bajillion! Everything moving to a subscription model is a problem. I throw way too much money at stuff. I really need to consolidate what I need and pay for.

First steps in reducing the amount of paper in my office. I use a wireless document scanner to automatically put new snail mail on my Synology where it is OCR‘d. 99% of the paper can go to the trash now and I can search everything in Finder, accessible from anywhere. \o/