I tried really hard to avoid him, and it kind of worked for some time after I left Twitter. But this embarrassment of a „president“ shoves his lies into our own news now. Accusing others of lying to support his own juvenile lies. Please keep this creature out of our politics.

Trying to decide which RAID configuration to use in my new NAS. As you do on a Friday evening 🤔

It‘s really hard to answer support mails if people are rude. I can more or less suppress my inner rage, but I can’t help it and have to add at least a little snark to my response. Sometimes it helps them and they paddle back, sometimes it helps me because they stop replying 😉

iOS 12 Beta seems to be fine. Will install it on my main device now. Heard lots of issues with Mojave though… can’t install it on my work machine because of several issues.

Apple Sample Code became really really amazing over the years. It shows in so much detail how to do certain things better. Really happy with the new sample projects this year!

Back home after two weeks in California. It was a blast! Now I‘m nothing but tired and happy to see my family again…

Apple engineers are only cooking with water as well, as we say in Germany 😉

The range of experiences in the labs this week went from „you should try that out and tell us if it works“ to „WTF just happened on my computer, this guy is a magician!“ 😊 I really like the atmosphere and possibilities at the labs during WWDC. It wouldn’t be the same without it.