Lovely campus at SJSU … almost makes me want to go back to university again 😉

The focus this year was clearly on AR stuff. Siri is a big deal too, but there are some questions about how useful the way it’s implemented really is. Besides that everything‘s quiet. Not much new things to work on, which is a good thing, especially in a business environment.

WWDC is over. I think it was a pretty good conference with highs and lows. I learned quite some things and got a couple of new ideas. Now I‘ll hang out around town, watch the Warriors tonight and wait for my flight home tomorrow to finally see my family again after two weeks 😊

I never consciously heard of Panic at the Disco before, but the show was actually pretty good! Turns out, I knew two songs of them 😉

Today was just too much stuff going on. I feel bad for all the things I missed…

Not charging my phone last night was just a little stupid 🙄

😲 FOX News is so unbelievably disgusting. Who’s talking about propaganda in North Korea… this is probably worse. Unbelievable. Unbelievable! I heard it’s hard to watch. But this? Unbelievable. 😲

A little late today… will skip the first session (I‘ve had enough lining up yesterday already. I‘ll hang out somewhere outside and have a look at how to integrate the new Siri API in one of our apps.

Had a great time tonight at the ATP live show and the Beard Bash!