I need to force myself to write down all the impressions I got during the week I’m here already. A lot has happened, even more will come and I don’t want to forget the import details. I have a great time here, but I miss my family at home… FaceTime is such a great thing!

What a busy first day of the conference… I‘m already tired, but I‘ll try to get into the The Loop Bash after grabbing a bite to eat.

Nothing too big, all a little silly. WWDC Keynote is a bit disappointing…

Relay.fm is probably quite happy to be featured in the WWDC keynote 😉

No idea what I did right, but I somehow ended up in a two-room suite in the hotel ¯_(ツ)_/¯

This is exactly what I need before the conference starts 😊

Checked in. Now heading to the beach to meet friends 😊

Watching FOX News physically hurts me. Beyond words. I don’t understand why people really watch this.

I don’t understand Wholefoods… where’s the fun stuff to eat?!

Lunch with friends, now up for some wine tasting. Nice relaxed Saturday before finally heading to San José tomorrow evening.