Signed up for WWDC lottery and AltConf including the ATP and Relay Events. Let’s see if I can go there 🤞🏻

„Hej Siri, set a timer for 75 minutes.“ - „Ok! 15 minutes and counting.“ … 😐 … kind of describes my day.

So happy that I found Japanese Calpis in a local store 😊 I love this weird taste!

The legendary Phil Campbell and the Bastard Sons. Solid music! The band of course lives by the name of Phil Campbell… but a fun concert and they have some great songs. Looking forward to following their development.

I still hope someone finds the time to build a good TaskPaper app for iOS.

This is a 🥃 Whiskey 🥃 kind of day… Firefighting user issues all day long is extremely exhausting and time consuming and somehow makes me feel like there is no progress at all on all fronts.

I‘m a big fan of the S-Town Podcast. I think I will have to listen to it once again. Reading this article about John‘s music gave me the chills. What a remarkable story.

It’s ridiculous how restricted SiriKit is. There’s nothing useful at all in it for the vast majority of apps . How can it be more important to support reserving a table at a restaurant than to trigger an action or request some information from a random app?

There was a big fuzz about Apple blogging on their Swift Blog at the time. Anyone noticed that there was no new post since October 2016? 🤔

I’m lost… my photo library is a mess. is a mess. I have no idea how I should get ahold of all my photos from the last decade. Phones with cameras are a blessing, but also a major curse.

The better team at times, 3:2 in the lead & then Russia scores 50s before the end. Got a penalty half way into overtime and lost right after that. Amazing game, won the silver medal… nobody expected this! What an accomplishment for the German hockey team! 🇩🇪 🏒🇰🇷

Germany wins against Canada and plays the Olympic Ice Hockey Final against „Russia“. What a crazy story! That‘s the best Olympic result of Germany ever! Thanks to all the greedy NHL bosses to not let their players play in Pyeongchang 👌🏻🥅🏒

So relaxing… 😌 Reboot

I always had some side projects that I worked on in my spare time. Most of them never made it to the daylight and into the app store or anywhere else really. It was a shame and I had this website that I used to post informational stuff about technical things. Since I consolidated all my online stuff a couple of years back now, I took everything down and with this purge I also deleted all my content from all my blogs.

I few weeks back I wrote about late pet projects and what happens when you let them sit around for too long. I thought about some things I could build and tried out some stuff, but in the meantime it became clear that I really want one specific tool. I went back, did some research, found a lot of old code, fiddled around with it and finally decided that I’d try to go for it. I will try to follow my progress and the process on my other website. It’s technical stuff about iOS development (for now) and I’d like to keep this blog more on the personal and non-technical side. It’s pretty empty so far… the journey just started a couple of days ago, but I hope to fill it with some more information soon.

For everyone interested, you can visit and follow my posts there.

Got the first couple of minutes with Alto‘s Odyssey and I love it! Feels like the old game, but somehow even more beautiful… don‘t really know why though. Very subtle. I will probably spend an uncountable amount of hours with it again 😉

Not exactly according to their image to put their customer’s privacy first… Apple’s Upcoming Handover of Chinese iCloud Data to a State-Owned Company

Interesting post on the iA Writer Blog: Blogging helps your app ranking, and might punish you at the same time.

What an incredible show! Metallica live @ Mannheim, Germany. I‘m blown away by the energy of their performance!

Killing some time before lunch… lovely winter weather today!

Skype for Business is horrible. If it wasn’t built by Microsoft now, probably nobody would use it anymore. Even chatting without problems is a major challenge for it. Too much work to fix major issue

Xcode does not handle „old“ Swift code from 2 years ago very well… 🤨

Holy cats! I decided to reboot an old pet project and when I opened it for the first time I realized how far this went already 😱 The last two years were plenty crazy… I completely forgot everything.

Awesome! Alto‘s Odyssey is coming… there go another thousand hours of my life 😱

I hope that Garoppolo will not become the Osweiler of the 49ers 🏈 So much money for so little competition experience… 🤞🏻

In case you speak German: Passend zu meinem Post gibt es bei Spiegel Online eine neue Kolumne von Sascha Lobo: Facebook und Co. Wir tippen im Dunkeln