Ich weiß nicht wie konnte das geschehen
Die Welt kann mich nicht mehr verstehen
Ich bin heute morgen aufgewacht
Und es war noch mitten in der Nacht

🎶 Tocotronic - Die Welt Kann Mich Nicht Mehr Verstehen

Climate change? What climate change? 39°C, felt like 46°C at the end of June. Couldn’t think of anything more normal than this, after we had 12°C three weeks ago.

I know that the iPad professionals always smiled at those that demanded USB thumb drive support for iOS. I get it… I also barely use those anymore. But don‘t forget, that there are normal people out there, that do not know about and/or do not want to use cloud storage. There are so so so many people still relying on thumb drives. Teachers in Germany for example are simply not allowed to store anything in the cloud. They need an encrypted drive if they want to work with documents outside of their crappy old school computers. How were they supposed to use an iPad legally? Well, now they can! And that‘s just one example of many. It seems like a silly feature to quiet some nagging bloggers and news sites. But in my opinion it‘s much more and will be greatly appreciated by so many users!

I barely started to play around with iOS 13 on my iPad and it‘s glorious! This will change a lot and make it even more viable to use this as a main machine ☺️ I love it already! It’s as buggy as I expected though 😉

very eMail. much daunting. wow, work. [doge.png]

Back to work tomorrow… it’s always a challenge to get back into the groove after being offline for three weeks. And there’s still so much WWDC news to catch up to now! I hope the jet lag doesn’t catch me tomorrow 😉

I think the cat is also happy that the constant food supply is back.

Feels good to be home again after being away for three weeks. It’s a slow, tiny town Sunday afternoon. What a contrast to Times Square basically yesterday evening. I need this now. So many inputs the last weeks! Time to let everything sink in a little and think about what’s next.


Borta bra, men hemma bäst

To round out my US airport experience, TSA destroyed my MacBook while I got a private massage in public. All in all we had a great time the last couple of weeks! Looking forward to sleeping in my own bed tomorrow though 🙃