One day in, I can say that the Reeder update is well worth the price! Love it! Needed some time to get used to some changes but I don’t know what I‘d do without this great app. 🙏

I started reading lots of science news via RSS feeds lately and OMG is it good. Science is magical.

I had a cool idea for a new blog yet again… and we all know where this ends: I‘ll buy a domain name, set up a blog and write an introduction. The end. 😉

Related: I like the review on MacStories because it’s extensive as usual, although I’m not sure how I feel about endorsements of friends citing endorsements of other friends.

The whole Apple rumor machinery is weird. There’s nothing anybody could do with this „information“. It’s, once again, all just hot useless air. I’m not following any of it. This stuff will either be a nice surprise at the keynote or nothing I could be sad about.

I need to re-think my news consumption again. What is really news? When I see the amount of hot air and click bait on some of the news sites I‘m following, I get the feeling there’s not really anything substantial going on. And it’s overwhelming. I should go for more in-depth content and real articles. I don’t need a news ticker which starts to distract and annoy me.

If your winning strategy in playoff game 7 of 7 is to only let a tiny amount of underdog guest fans into your stadium because they were way louder than your own fans in the games before… that does not look like a lot of confidence in your team! 🏒

Here we go… 1 day of trying to avoid any Game of Thrones spoilers. This will be hard!