Fake Doctors, Real Friends might be my favorite thing in a long time! Zach Braff and Donald Faison rewatching and commenting all of Scrubs. I loved that show. I still do very much, even though maybe it didn’t age so well in parts. They‘re both so funny! First episode is 👍🏻

Trying out a couple of games on Apple Arcade. The overall quality is astonishing! Not sure it makes a gamer out of me, but so far it’s quite fun.

I really love working from home. Especially with my family around all day. I always worked from home every now and then, maybe even for a few days in a row, but usually there were meetings and colleagues waiting at the office. Now I’m at home since three full weeks and I don’t miss anything. I’m more productive, even though I never get full hours of course because I need and want to spend time with my daughter.

Again, I could not be more thankful for an employer that understands how life works and that fully supports us employees and their families. I see how other companies struggle and how difficult this time is for others. It’s not only times like this that make me realize how lucky I am to be working where I am. But especially now, it’s impossible to underestimate the support we get there.

Our teams and projects accustomed to fully remote work now and I don’t see any friction. Even when I’m in the office I’m on the phone most of the time anyways with colleagues from various time zones all around the world. Rarely do I really work directly with my direct peers from my team. So there’s not much of a change for me.

The biggest difference is that I can spend a whole lot of time with my family and don’t have to sit in a car for more than an hour each day. I don’t have to rush in the morning to get my daughter to Kindergarten in time (oh boy, how very thankful I am for this!), I don’t have to feel guilty in the evening because I’m home too late. I can play with my daughter in the morning, at noon, between meetings or prepare lunch for us.

So… there’s some good in this whole situation at least from my personal situation. More relaxed working, more time with family, increased appreciation for my company…. As long as we stay healthy, I‘m fine with this situation. 🦠

New Music Friday is a jackpot today! New Swedish music from Mando Diao, Corona preview song for the new album of Die Ärzte, and a new album of Brian Fallon. I‘m all set for this Friday!

I really need to make time to switch back to Spotify. I activated the Apple Music family account while we’re on lockdown. But guess what’s not working 🙄 Device says there’s already a subscription, yet it does not let me do anything. Apple’s services can really be frustrating.

Regular Reminder for myself: There’s only so much you can do… if there are 100 tasks, prioritize them and chip away one after the other. Don’t get paralyzed by the sheer amount of work and pressure.

I just realized that I’m way past week 2 already. Working from home since two weeks, before that I only spent 2, max. 3 days per week at the office this month… I already had a feeling that it’s healthier at home. It’s the lockdown we had since last week after kindergarten was closed that makes it feel different.

Lots of people out for a walk with beautiful weather today. Makes it hard sometimes to keep the distance, but at least some people that never go outside get some fresh air all of a sudden 😉 Plus, almost no cars, which is great 👌🏻

I registered for Disney+. I don’t know whether I‘ll really use it, I don’t even really use my Netflix subscription. Kind of a FOMO situation. All these subscriptions… it’s a pain.

Very calm Saturday. Curfew and „celebrity“ campaigns seem to help people understand they need to stay home. Very few cars on the streets, supermarket around the corner is completely empty (maybe I should check whether I can get some toilet paper there 🤔). Hopefully this is a change for the better. Infection numbers went up like crazy the last couple of days. Not too long until hospitals will be filled.

At home we‘re also calm and relaxed. Our daughter is enjoying time with us and playing all day long. I start to recognize some anxiety because the only time I went out in more than a week was to go shopping and a couple short walks with the family. But in general I really can’t complain about anything 😉

Best day yet! Beautiful weather, family in a good mood, work is becoming a little more productive… all in all very positive today. I think I can make working from home for a longer period work, I don’t miss anything at the moment. I’m sure this will change though. But I’m pretty happy that I’m with my family all day long and nobody freaks out so far. Yes, my little girl wants to see friends or family, but she’s doing fine so far.

Sehr sehr gute Zusammenfassung der Situation und ersten Studienergebnissen aus Italien.

In Bergamo haben Armee-Transporter Leichen weggebracht, weil es auf den Friedhöfen der Stadt keinen Platz mehr für sie gab

Coronavirus: Warum Italien so stark getroffen ist - SZ.de

No cummute, no Podcasts. Staying home means I have to declare bankruptcy… it just piles up. The only thing on my backlog will remain the last year of Roderick on the Line I didn’t get to. Although I didn’t find the time lately, this is by far my favorite show of all.

I really recommend this weeks People First newsletter by @johnphilpin. Good overview of how people really don’t matter to news and corporations.

I can’t get over the fact that a patent should be used to block Corona vaccines tests. A Theranos patent of all. How ironic.

Today I‘m mostly baffled by the stupidity of so many people. How can it be that people steal 50000 protective masks from a hospital? How can it be that so so many still sit packed together in street cafés? How do people not realize that this is incredibly selfish? Is this our culture these days? Where’s the humanity? Just because they’re fine right now does not mean they’re not putting everyone around them and a whole lot more people at risk. And all just for the sake of not being bored for 5 minutes of their life? At the rate this virus is spreading right now, hospitals and intensive care units will be filled to the maximum in just a couple of days. They might be empty now, but it won’t take long until we get a problem. The numbers are terrible. From roughly 2000 beginning of last week we’re already almost at 10000 right now. It might not be those who don’t care now, but others. They will put doctors into positions where they have to choose whether to help a 60 or an 80 year old person, based on statistics, because there is no capacity anymore. We need to stop this. If people do not understand, they need to be forced. They are the ones responsible for a possible curfew. And they will be the first to complain about it.

Personally this whole situation gets me more than I expected. It’s really really hard to get work done. And that’s not because family is around all day. They do their thing and they do it so great, I could not be more thankful and proud of them. It makes me feel guilty in a way, because I can only help out so much. But we decided I can’t take vacation right now because we don’t know for how long this will go on and I might need those days later.

I’m very glad I have an employer which knows how life works and that working from home these days with small children around all day is sometimes nearly impossible and lets us know that it’s fine. Some things are more important. Nevertheless I try to do as good of a job as possible and not let my peers down which on the other hand seem to be working all day long because they don’t have anything else to do at the moment. Two extremes… both need some consideration to not make one get frustrated and burned out.

Just two days in and I feel different about a lot of things in ways I really did not expect. I‘m overwhelmed and I hope I will settle in with this situation tomorrow.

This is the time for blogging. I urge everyone to keep a log of their experiences during these difficult times. It’s important to show what’s really going on and to let people know that there are others with similar problems to take care of, helping each other to cope with a strange new way of living for the next couple of weeks, maybe even months. We‘re all in this together and it will be a major recess… maybe the most important situation in our lifetime after climate change. (At least for now until the next big thing happens)

If there is anything remotely important to share with the world it’s experiences like this. 🦠

I can’t help it… I’m becoming more and more anxious. Everything will be closed down by tomorrow. I could still go out and get groceries, but do I really have to? I ordered some furniture to pick up in the morning, but that’s closed now. Even if it was still open, should I pick it up? I missed the window to make my home office space a little more comfortable. I‘ll have to stick with what I have. Technology is more or less fine so far…

VPN had some hiccups and apparently MS Teams was down, although I was in a conference call while everyone said it was down 😉 I still need to get a little more organized. Knowing that I will be at home for probably 5 weeks changes my normal home office habits more than I thought it would.

In the family department everything‘s fine so far, but it will get stressful soon, as we can’t even go to a playground anymore. We built our own little playground on our balcony/garden. We can spend a lot of time there as long as the weather is fine. We‘ll see how long it will be exciting for my daughter. She starts to get that everything is closed… no zoo, no library, no swimming pool… she thinks grandma is sick and suggests to visit grandpa instead. We‘ll probably will also stay away from her Kindergarten friends to stay safe.

We‘re a little worried right now. I know I am for sure.

Trump apparently tries to bribe a German, government funded company researching vaccines for Coronavirus, to work exclusively for the US. What a d…. climbing down the stairs of humanity, day after day. I don’t understand how anybody still supports this creep.

Something with this announcement of WWDC 2020 doesn’t sit right with me. It’s so Apple, it’s annoying. „The current health situation“ mentioned in a half sentence being shadowed by how amazing an idea of an online WWDC would be and how innovative this is especially in its 31st year. Followed by more text about how awesome the App Store is and what a great history Apple has.

Apple continues to put the focus on the wrong things for me.

Schools and Kindergartens around us (Baden-Württemberg) are closing. It’s inevitable that this will also be the case here as of beginning of next week I guess. At the moment it’s planned for the next couple of weeks, plus there will be holidays which means more than a month of children at home that need to be taken care of. You should not give those kids to their grandparents to not put them in danger, as the risk is so much higher for older people.

I have no idea how everyone will be able to handle this family situation. I’m very lucky that we are in a situation where this is no big problem for us, plus I’m working from home and can help as well. Biggest issue will be that my daughter is getting a little grumpy when she’s at home for too long 😉

This situation keeps becoming worse and worse. 🦠

This whole Coronavirus thing really starts to make me nervous. I worry about my family. My company asked everyone to work from home if possible for the foreseeable future, especially with people of risk groups at home (pregnant wife, small kid, both with frequent sickness issues). So I will work from here for the next couple of weeks, which is no real problem for me, thankfully. I just never worked from home for more than a few days in a row until now.

The last couple of hours were crazy. Our chancellor telling the country to keep social contacts to a minimum, lots of sports events and leagues being canceled, Austria canceling ski season, schools and universities get closed in lots of countries, Belgium closes all Cafés and restaurants, Italy on lockdown since a few days already. And that’s just a few of the news of this evening. We expect our Kindergarten to get closed down as well probably by next week. We‘re even thinking of not going to a family gathering this weekend.

I don’t understand why Germany is not as strict as many other countries around us to try and slow down new infections. I guess we will see if this is the right way to go… I have the feeling it’s ok for now but it’s probably also a thin line to walk between keeping calm and everything under control and everything going down the shitter in panic.

All of this is hard to swallow. It’s unprecedented at least in my life time… pig flu already was a big deal back in 2009 (?), SARS/MERS didn’t do much here, but the impact today is something else. I wonder what the outcome of all this will be when it’s over. There will be consequences.

Anyhow… I read The Stand and watched The Walking Dead. I hope I’m prepared! 🦠

My advice for working from home? Put on pants, grab a coffee and head to your desk. Problem solved 😉

Trump being Trump 🙄 The one good thing that comes out of all of this is that this might actually be the thing that gets this horrible individual loose the election.

The soundtrack to Sex Education on Netflix is just brilliant.

Some conversations, while in itself being really good and helpful, can be demoralizing and somewhat devastating at the same time. Today gave me a pause.