It’s not the first time I come home a little later because of meetings with colleagues from the other side of the world… but after the last two months coming home and seeing my daughter already in bed is rough. This won’t happen very often anymore… that’s for sure!

Let’s just say there are better ways to spend the day than plowing through two months of emails 🙃

My little girl is already 1 year old now. I don‘t know how that happened so fast 😱 Life is crazy currently. Two months of parental leave come to an end and I have to realize that I need to go back to work again tomorrow. I had the best time! So happy I had the chance to do this!

Photo Challenge, Day 7: Shadow - My family earlier this year at St. Lawrence River on the way to Quebec.

Photo Challenge, Day 6: Seasonal - Last week was St. Martin‘s day. We walked through town with our lanterns, had the first Glühwein of the year and enjoyed the autumn atmosphere.

Photo Challenge, Day 5: Liquid - Local CocoaHeads Meeting today.

Since I didn’t manage to go to one this year, I want to make next year a year of concerts for me again. I already got tickets to Metallica and Guns N‘ Roses 🤘🏻Let’s see if there are some more bands coming to my area!

Photo Challenge, Day 4: Up Close - Preparing lunch for tomorrow.

Photo Challenge, Day 3: On the Move - Out in the woods with my daughter again.

Photo Challenge, Day 2: Delicious - A perfect Bavarian breakfast/brunch 😋

Photo Challenge, Day 1: Squares - My dad took some square photos like this when he was in the marine back in the 60s. //cc @douglane

This should be fun 🙃

Star Trek: Discovery becomes more and more like a traditional Star Trek series with each episode, yet it keeps the overarching storyline like Deep Space 9 did. I really like that!

I’m not using my Mac very often lately, because I’m currently off of work. Using mostly iOS is fine as I can do all everyday stuff, but it’s a great relief to get back to the Mac. It feels like freedom without all the hassle and constraints. I’m definitely not an iOS-only person.

Osweiler earns about a million dollars each week. I have yet to see a worse quarterback this year. Unbelievable!

I don’t understand how Brock Osweiler still has a job in the NFL but Colin Kaepernick is handled like a hot potato. There are enough teams that would need a good quarterback right now.

Listening to an album released in 1993 brings back so many memories. I barely know anything from when I was that young, but music brings back a lot. Such an innocent time, everything was easy, no problems… just a wonderful time!

NaNoWriMo kicks off today! I wish everyone a great month of writing! I‘m still not sure whether to go on with an old story or start something new. I‘ll never get to 1600 words a day, but I‘ll try to at least enjoy some fiction writing again ☺️

Happy Halloween 🎃

I like the look of the new Kindle app! Much better to use now… also the new icon looks great 👍🏻

I‘m in Berlin, visiting friends for a couple of days. Feels great to be in an actual city again!

I will enjoy the extra hour of sleep I get thanks to the switch to standard time tonight. I don‘t understand why we still have daylight savings time, but boy am I happy to get some more sleep 🙃

Somehow life outside of work is way more busy. There’s literally always something that needs to get done. I start to understand my colleague saying: “Work is like vacation, just different“ 🙃

With the huge battery and performance problems of iOS 11 on the iPhone 6 and the fact that the SE is basically a 6… is there someone with the SE and iOS 11 running? Are there the same issues? I‘m afraid of updating and basically destroying a totally good phone 🤔

So many suggestions what I should read… awesome! Thanks everyone! Keep it coming if you have a favorite ☺️ The wishlist on Amazon can never be long enough! And the social network aspect of seems to work pretty well 😉