I can’t wait for the new Orange is the new Black season tomorrow 😱

Trying out a couple of new apps I found in the Today section of the App Store. Those are not really apps for me, but I love the icons!

Denying Holocaust is no reason to take down a post for Zuckerberg? What the hell is wrong with this guy… there’s life outside of Facebook, not sure he knows about that.

I turned on iCloud Photo Library yesterday. All devices say they’re up to date. All devices have different counts of photos and videos. I have mixed feelings about this 🧐

APFS is such a great thing! I had 145 GB free, deleted 90 GB, result: 150 GB free. Rebooted my Mac, now it’s down to 122 GB. ¯_(ツ)_/¯

Feels good to be down to only three eMails which are basically just ToDos. What a relief after months of dozens of unread mails 🙃

Funny how everyone everytime tries to interpret what Trump means with the sounds coming out of his mouthhole. The world should just stop. He doesn’t mean anything. Yesterday this way, today that way and tomorrow everyone lies. It’s ridiculous. Stop… just stop.

Visiting home today. Spent the evening with my family at the Kulperhütte.

I had to use Twitter the other day to get some customer support and I started checking Tweetbot again throughout the day. Twitter is still not a place I want to be at anymore. For me personally it’s worthless to spend any time on it.

Awesome! I just recently though „I wonder what Israel Nash is doing these days“. And there’s a new single out 😊 Lucky Ones