Just in time for the launch of my new blog, something went wrong and Apache stopped working in the middle of the night 😒 Should be back up now…


Ever since I learned the Swedish language for my time at a university in this beautiful country, there was one word that especially spoke to me. It probably is the word that describes the Swedish culture the best. It’s not just a word… it’s a way of life, a way of thinking. I somehow feel connected to it.

Every Blog Needs a Start…

… and „the first page is profound“ (Merlin Mann)

I have to admit… I wasn’t that excited about Apple product launches during the last couple of years. This time it feels a bit different again!

I want the iPhone X because of the screen and Face ID… but that notch? Really interested in real life reports before I decide what I will buy.

Of course iMessage on my Mac does not work anymore because I added another phone to my account. Because why should it? Always a modern day adventure to do anything remotely related to iCloud ¯_(ツ)_/¯

I managed to more or less stay away from any rumors about the Apple event tomorrow. I want them to surprise me. I don’t want people to spoil it for everyone else. What’s the point of knowing it two days in advance?

Looking forward to the new NFL season 🏈 First game I saw today: Raiders vs. Titans. I guess Oakland will be strong again this year!

Sunday morning walk… really looking forward to the next two months at home! I‘m sure it will be hard but also fun, meaningful and fulfilling. Only one week left 🙂

I removed all content from my sites a while ago already. Now I looked through the old stuff and I think it’s better offline. Some posts I’m still proud of, but most of them were really bad. It’s time for a fresh start… again… maybe… or not.

And with everyone jumping back on the actively blogging train, I’m… configuring yet another Hugo theme 😉 I should stop tinkering around, but no existing theme can do what I want 🙃

Horrible pictures from the caribbean islands after hurricane Irma. No words…

Went on a short walk with my daughter the other day, when we found these horses 🐎 not too far away. I‘ll be at home soon for two months taking care of her full time… I wonder what we‘ll discover then 🙃

Feels like we need at least 3 more iOS Betas in the next few weeks. The current state is extremely buggy, far from ready. The last time it was so unstable was during the iOS 7 transition.

I’m working on an exporter to get all my Day One entries into Hugo compatible Markdown, so I can run my journal on my own server. It‘s funny how many edge cases there are to consider to get everything into the same format. Probably would be faster to just do it manually 😉

I love being home! This will never get old…

First time in over a year that I took the bike to work… feels great!

Another weekend, another castle…

I’m totally fine with the subscription model for Ulysses. I love the app, although I rarely use it at the moment. I usually hate subscriptions, eating up huge amounts of money each month. But sometimes it’s worth it. The problem is: what if there are only subscriptions someday?

Ulysses switching to a subscription model. Yet another eel to fed each month.

Weekend of castles

Went to the castle in Heidelberg a lot the past few weeks with visiting friends… always a great spot to go and see the city from above!

Geese don’t care about traffic lights!

Finally, after all these years I‘m done paying off my student loan! It‘s so long ago and still feels just like yesterday… what an amazing time I had back then 🙂

Picking a new car is a really hard thing 😐 Nothing is as comfortable like a Volvo. So sad I have to give it back and the new ones are way too expensive… amazing cars though!