Got the first couple of minutes with Alto‘s Odyssey and I love it! Feels like the old game, but somehow even more beautiful… don‘t really know why though. Very subtle. I will probably spend an uncountable amount of hours with it again 😉

What an incredible show! Metallica live @ Mannheim, Germany. I‘m blown away by the energy of their performance!

Killing some time before lunch… lovely winter weather today!

Xcode does not handle „old“ Swift code from 2 years ago very well… 🤨

Holy cats! I decided to reboot an old pet project and when I opened it for the first time I realized how far this went already 😱 The last two years were plenty crazy… I completely forgot everything.

Awesome! Alto‘s Odyssey is coming… there go another thousand hours of my life 😱

I hope that Garoppolo will not become the Osweiler of the 49ers 🏈 So much money for so little competition experience… 🤞🏻