Nothing too big, all a little silly. WWDC Keynote is a bit disappointing… is probably quite happy to be featured in the WWDC keynote 😉

No idea what I did right, but I somehow ended up in a two-room suite in the hotel ¯_(ツ)_/¯

This is exactly what I need before the conference starts 😊

Checked in. Now heading to the beach to meet friends 😊

Watching FOX News physically hurts me. Beyond words. I don’t understand why people really watch this.

I don’t understand Wholefoods… where’s the fun stuff to eat?!

Lunch with friends, now up for some wine tasting. Nice relaxed Saturday before finally heading to San José tomorrow evening.

Nada Surf performing the whole Let Go Album live @ KEXP 😱

Nice dinner today at an Hawaiian restaurant with friends I didn’t see in three years. I should come here more often…