I’d love to use Trip Mode and I understand the necessity for a kernel extension, but I hesitate to trust it on my corporate machine… a kernel extension with full access to your network traffic is problematic from a security standpoint.

Wheels Down… Hello San Francisco 👋🏻

FRA 🛫 SFO … Two weeks away from the family. Not so sure this was a good idea 😕

Three hours of sleep before driving to the airport. 😴

Last day in Zeeland… biking a bit and spending some time at the beach. Heading home tomorrow already. A couple of days more wouldn’t have hurt 😉

One good thing about GDPR is that it’s an automatic unsubscribe from lots of marketing eMail and „newsletters“

If there would only be one reason why I‘m always happy to come back to the Netherlands, it would be for Stroopwafels 🇳🇱

4 years ago I wrote a blogpost about the pricing of Macs. Thinking about reposting it to my current site. The gist: Things only get worse. I can’t afford a future proof Mac today. My iMac from 2010 is still more or less fine. The price of a comparable Mac today has nearly doubled

I understand that the Mac „was always more expensive“. But today it’s nearly impossible to buy a private Mac that is still valid in a couple of years. The Macbooks are unusable if you need storage, the Pros are ridiculously expensive if you configure them to be useful.

Arrived in Zeeland today… The weather didn’t feel like welcoming us this evening, but this place looks like we could have some fun around here in the next couple of days 😊🇳🇱