Wow… one year past already since our family trip to Canada. Time flies! I can’t believe it’s been this long 😱 There’s finally some traveling ahead again after such a long time. Netherlands 🇳🇱 next week, California 🇺🇸 the two weeks after. Really looking forward to this!

As long as I need to go to Spotify to listen to music I bought on iTunes because „the object is not available“ I‘ll probably not going to switch to Apple Music.

Getting goosebumps while listening to a favorite song after a long long time is one of the best things in life 😊🎶

I still can’t understand how anyone is even remotely capable of using the native Twitter app. Making this the only choice to use the platform is a huge mistake.

In other news… this is the second time I loose eMails in Exchange within one week. This never happened to me before, so it’s either me or Office 365 which is acting weird. All I know is that my brain didn’t get migrated to an online service recently.

Good idea: booking a hotel for WWDC at a discounted rate.

Bad idea: losing the confirmation eMail and now having no idea about where I’m staying 😣

I think I realized why I‘m tempted to switch to Apple Music lately… it puts the album in the focus for me. In Spotify it’s all a big blur. I find amazing new and old stuff, but somehow the experience is missing something fundamental for me.

Thinking about the backup and data storage „architecture“ for my family. It’s a lot of work to get everyone on board when you’re the only one who cares and if the photo management is a huge mess 😉 It also involves a lot things and money if you’re as paranoid as I am 🤔

Big release day tomorrow at work. Excited but also a bit anxious… major updates for a huge user base make me nervous.

A little over two weeks left to my trip to California. I should start thinking about some preparations 😉 Packed program of work, events, friends and of course WWDC 😊