Die CSU macht Bayern zum Amerika Deutschlands. So sehr es mich nach Hause zieht… so manches ist einfach abstoßend. Ich kann das schlechte Image so langsam verstehen.

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Planned to do some late night coding today. Now I’m caught in the music rabbit hole. Oh well ¯_(ツ)_/¯

Listening to Oasis again after quite some time… what an exceptional band they were. Hearing what Liam Gallagher and Noel Gallagher’s High Flying Birds do today makes me wish even more they would find back together at last. Incredible musicians 🎶

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Pet Project Progress

I’ve been very busy lately… mostly excruciatingly tired, but sometimes I found a couple of minutes to think about and work on my current pet projects. I won’t post that much about them on this blog in the future, except if there is something worth to know for a wider audience. Technical things regarding development topics will be posted over on my other blog at kokodev.de. I started a development diary for my two active projects there. I will post more in the coming days, but here’s my introductory post from today: Development Diaries.

My plan is to have the diaries as companions running next to the development to discuss some problems and approaches I find along the way. This could be technical things, but also how I tackle the creation of icons for the apps or thoughts about different solutions to offer in-app purchases. It could be anything really. I have a couple of posts more or less ready for the next couple of days, before I go back into development. I’m excited about this!

Again, for everyone interested, you can visit kokodev.de and follow my posts there.

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I can‘t help but think than Kim Jong Un was assasinated by a servant of the Many-Faced God who is now acting in his place as some kind of peace dove.

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