I love New York! But I think I‘m getting too old for this stuff… I really don’t know why I‘m drawn to crazy ridiculous Times Square everytime 😉

And off we go to our last stop in New York 🚙

A day at the Boston Children’s Museum is quite something 😉 I‘m ready to take a nap now!

Got a peek into the Harvard Library today

We‘re staying in Somerville with friends and I have to say this neighborhood looks really pretty! I love all the old little and historic houses. We had some ice cream from Gracie‘s today and now I‘m in love with marshmallow fluff topping! 😋

Enough with the ranting 🙃 It’s been about 8 years since I was here the last time and I loved it back then. Looking forward to exploring the city again in the next couple of days! 😊

After 2h delay and a missing stroller (“don’t worry! We’ll take care of it“ they said when asked about it while unboarding the first airplane) we’re finally in Boston! There were families with 3 months old babies without their car seat at 2am. These things should not go wrong.

That’s a first… 1h more delay and changing the gate while alread boarding. 😩

ORD 🛫 BOS 🛬 I heard the weather will be a little tougher on this one. (Of course this flight is also delayed, as was every single flight I ever took in the US)

That being said… the way employment works in the US seems more like exploitation and surrender to me. Working here under normal circumstances would never be an option for me. I‘m lucky to live in a country that puts more value in the human being than in its work.