These days I’m thankful for again. I reactivated my account after a while and it’s the only way at the moment that I am barely able to concentrate on any given task…

30/30 - Vision - When our cat walks by our cat cam on night vision.

29/30 - Leap - There’s a leap in sales of hand sanitizers currently. None available anywhere. Same with Pasta, tomato sauce or canned Ravioli… people go crazy because of the Corona virus.

28/30 - Below

27/30 - Together

After fiddling around with GTK on Linux for a bit I can finally start to actually build something now! Might not be a hipster technology, but pretty good to get going on a new endeavor!

26/30 - Escape - Still… this will always be terrible.

25/30 - Hurdle - You should probably not go swimming here 😉

Good news.

Signal is generally considered to be one of the most secure messaging apps available. It’s open source, uses end-to-end encryption by default, and unlike WhatsApp, it doesn’t store any message metadata

Signal becomes European Commission’s messaging app of choice

Another thing I miss from the old days. I always have no idea if my Mac started and needs time to turn on the screen, or if it just sits there… That sound was there for a reason. Daring Fireball: How to Enable the Mac Startup Chime on New Macs

Very glad Better Call Saul is back on! 😊

24/30 - Double - The Dynamic Duo of our zoo. These two are my favorites 🙃 Little otters are so cute 🦦

For once a great use of this technology! Powerful antibiotics discovered using AI - Nature

23/30 - Station - I love remembering our visits to friends in Japan. So many good and crazy memories. This is Tokyo Station, back in 2014. It’s kind of a crappy photo, but somehow one of my favorites. Maybe the craziness shines through 😉

22/30 - Spectacle - It’s really spectacular how a three year old can reduce her vocabulary down to a single word for the whole day. Not so spectacular for everyone else involved though.

21/30 - Progress - I sometimes have ideas for side projects. Problem is: I get lost in the weeds, sweating over details. What should have been a small tool for myself, turns into a full-blown thing for others. I do this until I loose interest, with no actual progress being made.

20/30 - Scale - You need some stamina to scale the Great Wall. This was really impressive.

19/30 - Space - Open space… relaxing road trip through the Valley of Fire.

People should use more trains to travel instead of cars they say. In Germany you should not have any appointments or arrangements you need to get to though, or travel a day in advance. There can’t be anything more unreliable than train service in Germany… it’s absurd.

18/30 - Oppose - Ich lehne die AfD nicht nur ab, ich verachte diesen Versuch die Deutsche Demokratie zu unterwandern. Wer sie offen unterstützt gehört ausgegrenzt, wer still „Protest“ wählt soll sich klar sein was er dem Land damit antut. Das hat mit „besorgt“ nichts mehr zu tun.

17/30 - Cool - Cool show by Tenacious D yesterday in Frankfurt! I always wanted to see Jack Black on stage… in his underpants 😉

16/30 - Rest - The year of Linux on the Desktop he said. 🙄 I‘m so close to putting this endeavor to rest again.

15/30 - Balance - It’s not always easy to find the right work/life balance.

Wow. Finally done with the last season of Mr. Robot. This was a peace of art! Amazing storytelling, each episode with its completely own style, great acting, twists and turns… so great! Worthy ending to a great show! 📺 🍿

Man… @siracusa really nails it with his little helper apps. SwitchGlass puts me back into the old days of MacOS. Just like with Front and Center I didn’t realize I missed this way of working. Great little tool! (Although I’m still not sure, Front and Center causes app hiding issues for me.)