I don’t understand how Brock Osweiler still has a job in the NFL but Colin Kaepernick is handled like a hot potato. There are enough teams that would need a good quarterback right now.

Listening to an album released in 1993 brings back so many memories. I barely know anything from when I was that young, but music brings back a lot. Such an innocent time, everything was easy, no problems… just a wonderful time!

NaNoWriMo kicks off today! I wish everyone a great month of writing! I‘m still not sure whether to go on with an old story or start something new. I‘ll never get to 1600 words a day, but I‘ll try to at least enjoy some fiction writing again ☺️

I like the look of the new Kindle app! Much better to use now… also the new icon looks great 👍🏻

I‘m in Berlin, visiting friends for a couple of days. Feels great to be in an actual city again!

I will enjoy the extra hour of sleep I get thanks to the switch to standard time tonight. I don‘t understand why we still have daylight savings time, but boy am I happy to get some more sleep 🙃

Somehow life outside of work is way more busy. There’s literally always something that needs to get done. I start to understand my colleague saying: “Work is like vacation, just different“ 🙃

With the huge battery and performance problems of iOS 11 on the iPhone 6 and the fact that the SE is basically a 6… is there someone with the SE and iOS 11 running? Are there the same issues? I‘m afraid of updating and basically destroying a totally good phone 🤔

So many suggestions what I should read… awesome! Thanks everyone! Keep it coming if you have a favorite ☺️ The wishlist on Amazon can never be long enough! And the social network aspect of Micro.blog seems to work pretty well 😉