The good thing about the Super Bowl this year is that I will at least get some sleep 😉 I think it‘s clear who‘s going to win anyway, so I don‘t have to stay awake until 5:30 am 🏈

I would have preferred the Jaguars in the Super Bowl. Always Brady Brady Brady… quite boring. Now I hope for the Vikings! 🏈

I live in email nowadays. How things change…

Aimee Mann makes everything feel alright 🎶

Did someone ever analyze the website/JavaScript performance on a 12” MacBook? I’m facing timing issues that happen on no other device, not even 9 year old Macs. 🤔

I probably should start a new microblog with the funniest feedback/support emails I get by people sending me „pocket-dial mails“ all the time. It’s hilarious 😆

I started a work journal today and my first entry is about 1500 words long. Feels important to think about and capture where I’m heading to! 🧐

I have no idea why it took me until to day to realize that I’m a big Joe Satriani fan. Feels like I missed everything 🤷🏻‍♂️ 🎶🎸

I’m no expert, but the divisional playoffs are among the best 🏈 games I’ve ever seen. Last year my favorite was Packers vs. Cowboys with a crazy finish, but what the Vikings did yesterday was nuts! I couldn’t sleep for a while 😉

I finally started to do some private journalling again. And it really frees up the mind and generates a hell of a lot ideas! 💡 It’s a really great tool!