First time in over a year that I took the bike to work… feels great!

I’m totally fine with the subscription model for Ulysses. I love the app, although I rarely use it at the moment. I usually hate subscriptions, eating up huge amounts of money each month. But sometimes it’s worth it. The problem is: what if there are only subscriptions someday?

Went to the castle in Heidelberg a lot the past few weeks with visiting friends… always a great spot to go and see the city from above!

Finally, after all these years I‘m done paying off my student loan! It‘s so long ago and still feels just like yesterday… what an amazing time I had back then 🙂

Picking a new car is a really hard thing 😐 Nothing is as comfortable like a Volvo. So sad I have to give it back and the new ones are way too expensive… amazing cars though!