Let’s just say there are better ways to spend the day than plowing through two months of emails 🙃

My little girl is already 1 year old now. I don‘t know how that happened so fast 😱 Life is crazy currently. Two months of parental leave come to an end and I have to realize that I need to go back to work again tomorrow. I had the best time! So happy I had the chance to do this!

Since I didn’t manage to go to one this year, I want to make next year a year of concerts for me again. I already got tickets to Metallica and Guns N‘ Roses 🤘🏻Let’s see if there are some more bands coming to my area!

Photo Challenge, Day 1: Squares - My dad took some square photos like this when he was in the marine back in the 60s. //cc @douglane

This should be fun 🙃

Star Trek: Discovery becomes more and more like a traditional Star Trek series with each episode, yet it keeps the overarching storyline like Deep Space 9 did. I really like that!

I’m not using my Mac very often lately, because I’m currently off of work. Using mostly iOS is fine as I can do all everyday stuff, but it’s a great relief to get back to the Mac. It feels like freedom without all the hassle and constraints. I’m definitely not an iOS-only person.

Osweiler earns about a million dollars each week. I have yet to see a worse quarterback this year. Unbelievable!

I don’t understand how Brock Osweiler still has a job in the NFL but Colin Kaepernick is handled like a hot potato. There are enough teams that would need a good quarterback right now.

Listening to an album released in 1993 brings back so many memories. I barely know anything from when I was that young, but music brings back a lot. Such an innocent time, everything was easy, no problems… just a wonderful time!