Rainy day in Toronto, not sure what we’re up to today. Maybe we’ll go to the Aquarium and check out some 🐟 The light and colors will be a highlight for my daughter… always makes her happy 😊

Canadians are sooo friendly! It’s amazing! And you can feel it’s from the heart. Unlike in the US where they smile at you but don’t give a crap about you. Such a lovely country!

First day in Toronto! We didn’t go that far downtown so everything feels a little less like a massive city. Probably a good thing because we’re still tired from the flight, time difference etc. Great relieve to have an amazing travel baby that doesn’t care about timezones 🙃

Entering Canada is a much much MUCH better experience than entering the US. Nobody seemed like they wanted to put us into jail just because reasons. Everyone is friendly & smiling & greeting you. And of course the first thing I saw at the airport: Eishockey 😊

Going to drop off our bags at the airport this evening. Never did this before, but we hope to have it a little easier tomorrow with the stroller and everything then…

Left the office for twi full months! Feels not too bad 😉

Starting the last preparations for our Canada trip. It’s getting serious around here! 🙃

The Eurovision Song Contest is a weird thing… But an event where all of Europe celebrates together is exactly what we need in these times!

Still need to figure out a good way to share private photos of our Canada trip. I used to do a simple Photo Stream, but somehow this is not a real thing in my circles and it combines groups of friends and family that have a very different kind of humor when commenting 🙃

Only a couple of days left until my little family’s trip to Canada! Really excited, but still lots of stuff to organize… I hope our little daughter will be fine during her first trip on an airplane 😕